Maybelline Fit Me Matte+Poreless Foundation

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Maybelline Fit Me Matte+Poreless Foundation

Finding a good foundation that suits your skin and your ideals is tough. Some foundations are not the right formula, some oxidize after a while of wearing it and some just don’t suit your skin.

However, I was overjoyed when I tried the Maybelline Fit Me Matte+Poreless Foundation.

I had been reading about it and hearing about it for quite a while. Many beauty bloggers raved about it on blogs and Youtube videos. I had to wait for a long while before trying it out since I couldn’t find a reliable source in Pakistan to purchase it from. You have to be careful about the counterfeit and fake products in Pakistan when it comes to cosmetics, and I just can’t compromise my skin with fake, harsh cosmetics.

Recently the foundation has become available at – and I am SO glad it is! If there is one cosmetics store I can trust with authenticity in Pakistan, it is this online cosmetics store. They always deal with me so well, they get custom orders from Sephora/Amazon and offer a WIDE variety of local and international favorites when it comes to makeup.

Choosing a foundation shade in the Maybelline Fit Me series is quite easy, and it becomes easier when you consult for your skin tone. I messaged them a pic of my skin tone and asked for guidance on what shade would suit me best. The Beauty Expert recommended the shade 220 for me since I have yellow undertones.

I couldn’t wait to try the foundation once I received it. Here is my honest opinion about it – It is definitely one of my most favorite foundations ever.

The shade suits me so well! The foundation wears well for an entire office day – I only needed to touch up with a face powder once in between. The formula minimizes your pores and leaves a smooth finish. Although the finish is matte, I didn’t feel any dryness, and there were no dry patches – this is an issue with many matte foundations, they tend to emphasize pores or cling to dry patches. None of that with this foundation!

I always love wearing this foundation on a day to day basis, or any special events, too. Everyone compliments me so much whenever I wear this foundation, even though they can’t figure out what it is that is so different! I always get to hear how even my skin tone looks, how fresh my complexion seems whenever I use it.

My overview: It’s definitely a must have for any make up bag.

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