Nature’s Bounty – Papaya!

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Welcome all health enthusiasts, dieters,  and non-dieters, basically anyone who is looking to shake up their daily routine. Here at we wanted to launch a healthy living section, which will focus on one fruit or vegetable a month that is in season, and share its benefits. We believe by sharing information about natural remedies, benefits and cooking recipes of fruits and vegetables, together we can start to slowly eliminate all the chemicals that we use and consume on a daily basis.

For the month of March the fruit that will be featured is the irresistible and delicious papaya!

papaya face mask3

Known for its several health benefits, distinct taste, and being readily available throughout the year in Pakistan it is the perfect first fruit to showcase. For all my history nerds just a little background on the papaya, it is native to Central America and was brought over to Indian subcontinent in the 1550s. Seeing how easily it can be cultivated, farmers took note, and now South Asia is the leading producer of papaya.

Now lets dive straight into the numerous health benefits of this delectable fruit. Papaya contains high levels of vitamin C, which helps the immune system and fights the common cold. Also found is vitamin A, again helps the immune system and is also important in aiding vision and vital organs (kidneys, liver etc). Also present is vitamin E, which protects against toxins and free radicals, which damage skin cells. Vitamin E also balances hormones and contains antioxidants that repair hair, skin and nail cells.  Just the vitamins alone in papaya do wonders for the human body. There are also benefits to consuming unripe papaya. When unripe it contains a powerful enzyme called papain. Papain plays a major role in breaking down meats and foods that are high in protein within the body. On top of that the fruit is also laden with fiber, which lowers cholesterol and aids in digestion.

papaya face mask

The above-mentioned benefits are just from simple consumption of the fruit. We have not even mentioned the topical benefits from: papaya facials to papaya seed essential oils. As stated earlier papaya contains a number of enzymes so when lathered on the face it helps exfoliate allowing rejuvenated fresh skin to shine through. Furthermore, papaya seed essential oil revives skin, hair and nails with high amounts of carotenoids and antioxidants. The oil promotes elasticity; regeneration of skin cells and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

The uses and benefits of papaya are endless. Please check out our health section every few days, as we will be posting papaya facial tutorials, papaya cooking recipes, and further uses of this super fruit. So what are you waiting for? Make sure you stop by your favorite market or fruit vendor and pick up some papaya today!

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