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Who doesn’t love some sparkle on them? I love Glitter and every little thing about it. Seeing an ever-increasing number of organizations coming out with dazzling, lively sparkle palettes warms my little heart and makes me need to get them ALL.

There are so many ways one can use Glitter on them. I mean, how can someone stop themselves looking at that beautiful sparkly shimmer and not put it on them. The following are some ways you can use Glitter in your vanity.

  1. Eyeshades:

Want to pop your eye look? Go with a little glitter on top of it. It will give you a new look to rock. You can apply glitter eye shadow after you’ve included a base tone, or cover your lids with only eye glitter if there’s a chance that you need an inconspicuous sparkle to look. You can likewise use a little liner brush to add eyelash glue to your upper lash line. Make sure to put the pot of sparkle on the head of a palette; you can leave a little path of flash all over. Utilize a Q-tip or brush to brush away excess sparkle. When it’s time to take it off, you will need to use an oil-based cosmetics remover to avoid irritation and clean it thoroughly.  

Some amazing eye glitters are as follows:

Colourpop Glitterally Obsessed Body Glitter 

These are my top favorites for a perfect long-lasting glitter eye look.

  1. Make your lips SHINE SHINE SHINE :

Are you bored with your everyday nude glossy lips? Here’s a quick hack to change your look completely. Put some glitter on your lips and get a unique look.

The initial step is to apply your preferred lipstick or lip gloss. Apply one coat, smear at that point include a subsequent skin. Take your preferred sparkle and spot-on using a lip brush. If the sparkle isn’t staying, apply a touch of clear lip gloss or petroleum jelly and attempt once more. Press your lips together to secure the sparkle. Once again, to eliminate, you need to utilize an oil-based cosmetics remover. Some of my favorites Glitter to pop my lips are mentioned below:

These Glitters are used to get the perfect abstract lip to pop the look!!

  1. Glitter all over, Sparkly cheek and body :

Body illuminators are everyone’s favorite in all seasons. It gives a perfect dewy look to all those willing. Body illuminators are a lot of glitters in a liquid spray bottle. They are dazzling multi-use splash of Glitter that can be utilized to prepare the skin for makeup (Dewy Primer), give a little hydration to the skin before applying makeup, set a completed look, or add a brilliant sparkle to a bare face. We can also find Vegan body illuminators easily from any drugstore or online websites. Apply along collarbones for the radiant sparkle in off-the-shoulder dresses, buff into shins for longer-looking legs – or spray all over the body parts visible for a smooth, dewy finished look. Some of my ultimate favorites are  

  • Fenty Beauty body illuminator
  • Wet n Wild liquid body illuminator

For cheeks, After you’ve applied your base and primed your face perfectly, you need to use a meager layer of petroleum jelly or Aloe Vera gel to your cheek region (you can likewise utilize a skin-safe ointment like MUA Glitter Glue) to stick the Glitter on your face. Take a little blending or concealer brush to apply the Glitter on the desired area. I like to use a small stipple brush since I need a more diffused look than a sparkle’s full impact on my face.

My personal favorite for my face is the:

  • MUA Ultra Sparkle Duo Glitter Pigments. They have an excellent range of glitters that can be used to create different looks. 

Which one is your preferred strategy? Make sure to visit

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