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Eight years ago in 2010, Urban Decay launched one of the biggest game changers in modern cosmetics. If you don’t already know the answer, take a second and guess. For those of you who haven’t figured it out yet it’s the Naked palette. *Throws hands in the air*. According to one of Urban Decay’s founders, Zomnir, this palette was born from a simple question she asked her product development team – “Which four eyeshadows they would take on a deserted island?” She asked herself the same question also. When they all met again a few days later and shared their ‘can’t live without’ colors and an ethereal dreamy palette was born. Everyone lets take a second and thank the OG, Urban Decay for coming up with this brilliant palette. If it were not for them we would not be blessed with the plethora of palettes that are dished out by so many brands now.

The OG Naked Palette

The Naked truly took off due to the 12 bomb ass colors it contained. These aren’t just any static shades; it boasts everything from taupe, mahogany and even blue. There are a variety of finishes also, shimmery, satin and matte. This barrier breaking palette caused an appropriate uproar in cosmetics rightfully so. Every makeup company out there was hitting themselves thinking why didn’t they come up with this first. Not even a year later a ton of makeup companies were launching their own version of the Naked palette. I refrain from using the word copycat, but we can all see where the inspiration comes from. Who knew that a set of nude/brownish eyeshadows would cause a mass hysteria?! With some very famous women who vouch for the palette publicly such as, Kate Middleton and Michelle Obama, the visibility of the palette skyrocketed.

I wanted to hit with you guys some history of the nude palette before sharing my favorite ones that are available in Pakistan currently. has once again helped a sister out by carrying a variety of brown/nude palettes for all budgets. So checkout my list below for the hottest in the palette game:

HudaBeauty Eyeshadow Palette – Warm Brown Obsessions (PKR 6,499) – Want to add a little light and glow to your look? Then this is the palette for you. This set includes 8 magnificent shades ranging from brown, reds, oranges and coppers. 7 are matte and 1 is shimmery. These shades look good on all skin tones and eye colors.

Tarte Cosmetics Prismatic Eye Color Enhancing Shadow Palette – For Rich Browns (PKR 4,899) – This little compact contains 4 beautiful nude colors. Small and easy to throw in your purse, especially made for women on the go.

MAC Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow Palette – Brownluxe (PKR 5,499) – This brown palette is true to its name – luxe. These eyeshadows are so bold and eye catching. I can easily wear the light eggshell color during the daytime, and at nighttime I can hit the club with the shimmery dark plum.

Gosh Smokey Eyes Palette – Brown (PKR 1,550) – Watching your rupees, then this nude palette is for you. Just a fraction of the cost of the other palettes on this list it stands up to the best of them. Great pigmentation and staying power of about 8 hours – I am totally sold.

Urban Decay EyeShadow Palette – Naked2 Basics (PKR 5,399) – I couldn’t finish this list without putting the OG in. I love this travel size Naked2 Basics palette. These 6 shades are a no makeup makeup lovers dream come true.

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