NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick

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NYX cosmetics have been introducing new range of cosmetics every 2-3 months, it’s quite frustrating and exciting at the same time. Exciting because we get to see & buy amazing gorgeous products and frustrating in a sense that we can buy only limited amount of NYX cosmetic beauties from our salaries, I will buy the entire range if I could every month if it is up to me but than my mom will most probably kill me & those cosmetics will go down the drain LOL.  Anyways since I have been doing groceries these days coz my mom is not well, I get to see NYX cosmetics in all the major super markets. At first I resisted and I didn’t go near the kiosk of NYX cosmetics but then i noticed an eye catching products with different shades which forced me to go near NYX kiosk to find out the product and it turned out to be NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick. I didn’t buy the product on the spot as I had to rush back to work. I had to travel Pakistan for few family engagements and during the flight those liquid suede were in my mind as I simply loved few shades. Well I thought I just had to wait to get back to USA to buy these products as Pakistan don’t really have such range of cosmetics available.

Well landed in Karachi and got busy in family engagement which was upcoming wedding, tired of meeting people all day, I decided to search NYX cosmetics in Pakistan on google. I was pleasantly surprised that entire range of NYX cosmetics was available on a local website just4girls.pk/blog I browsed through the entire website forgetting that I need to wake up early as I was so intoxicated with this website. It had all the brands which I cannot even imagine in Pakistan, so without any further delay I decided to order NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick from just4girls.pk/blog, I had the funky Denim Dress and the decent Kitten Heels in mind. So I ordered, I got a call in the morning to confirm the order & to my surprise it was delivered in 48 hours. Costed around PKR 1199 each which is quite reasonable since its around $6.99 in America. The quality was amazing & like the website said, all products were original. About the products, well its different from rest of NYX lip products, it remains sticky all the time which annoyed me sometimes may be because of the dry & hot weather conditions of Karachi. This particular product is liquid lipstick so we just can’t expect it to remain the same all day. Well to be honest this product worked more good in less dry conditions.

If you live in Pakistan, you must buy this product from just4girls.pk/blog as they have the most authentic and elite brands you can ever imagine with an unbelievably huge collection of most if not all products from our favorite brands!

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