Primers and How They Can Up Your Makeup Game

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Primer is the key to long-lasting and smooth foundation! Image Source Google.

Have you  been seeing all of these different primers popping up all over the internet and aren’t sure what they’re for, what they do or if you need one?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. This article is going to shed some light on all of those primers, what they do, which ones to try and which ones you should skip based on your skin type. 

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What is a Primer? 

A Primer is a cream, liquid, whip or powder that is meant to create a canvas for your makeup and face products so they will go on more smoothly.

They can also make your products wear longer and look better also. 

Types of Primers 

There are primers for your face, your eyeshadow, and your mascara as well. 

If you’re wanting a good face primer that brightens your face, this Becca first light primer is a really great option. It goes on smoothly and the purple tint alleviates Sallowness and yellow tones. 

If you have redness in your skin, then a green tinted primer will help. 

There are also primers which help fill in pores, fine lines and wrinkles. These are more “jelly like” in texture and feel weightless and gel like. This is because this type of formula keeps your makeup from seeping into lines and pores. This is why these types of primers are often called “insta primers” or “filter primers” because they filter your skin and have been used by photographers for years. 

Here are some of my favorite primers: 

  1. Fenty Beauty Pro Filtr Instant Retouch Primer: This is a beautiful primer which smooths your skin and creates a perfect canvas to apply your foundation. It’s very complimentary on a wide variety of skin-tones also, which is one of the reasons I love Fenty Beauty in general.
  2. Lancome La Base Perfecting Primer: This one is another “insta-filter” primer. It’s good for blurring lines and pores, but if you have oily skin, then I would be very sparing with this product, because it doesn’t actually control the oil. The key to success with this one is having an oil-control foundation or powder to seal the deal.
  3. Maybelline Master Prime Primer in Illuminating,  Anti-Redness, Anti-Dullness, and Hydrating. These are all color coded to help correct and tone out skin appearance concerns. The Illuminating is peach to brighten up dark areas, anti-redness is green to combat the red, anti-dullness is yellow to brighten skin. The hydrating formula isn’t actually “blue,” but more of a white with blue tones in it. The packaging color isn’t the actual color of the product in the case of the blue.
  4. Becca First Light Priming Filter Base: This is the famous “purple” primer that was all over Instagram a few months back. This is a great formula, but in my opinion, it’s more suited for darker skin tones with more cool undertones. I’ve seen it demonstrated on all skin types and while it is universal in a  sense, it seems to really sing for darker tones.

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