Review: Huda Beauty Obsessions Eyeshadow Palettes

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If you think Huda’s palettes aren’t versatile, think again! Image credit: InStyle.

If you’ve been browsing over at lately, then you surely have come across the newly stocked Huda Beauty Obsessions Palettes!

The two newest additions are the Amethyst Obsessions palette and the Emerald Obsessions palette. These are two in the newest five palette Precious Jewels Obsessions palette collection.

These are ultra-pigmented, velvety smooth and go on like butter. Seriously. Like butter. Both palettes feature mattes and ultra pigmented glitter shades to create dozens upon dozens of looks. If you’re looking for some frosty purple shades to bring out your inner winter unicorn, then go with the Amethyst palette. The Emerald Obsessions is one of my current favorites; it features greens and glitter golds. The first thing I thought of when I saw this palette was the Wizard of Oz, and wasn’t sure I was going to like it. However, once I got the shades on my eyes, I loved how they looked. It doesn’t look cheesy or campy at all.

Also back in stock are some Huda Beauty Obsessions favorites: Coral ObsessionsMauve Obsessions and Warm Brown Obsessions. My personal favorites out of this trio are the Coral and Warm Brown Obsessions. Both of these are beautiful palettes which will give you many day and night looks, plus will look gorgeous for weddings, events and other special occasions. I also love that these colors transition well into Spring and Summer. If you don’t use eyeshadow every day, then these palettes can definitely take care of you year round since they’re so multi purpose and more on the neutral sides. You can use the Amethyst and Emerald palettes year round too, but to me, they aren’t as versatile as the Coral, Mauve and Warm Brown ones are.

I recommend applying these with brushes rather than sponges. Use a really dense eyeshadow brush to pack on color, then take a fluffy brush and fan color out and toward the eyebrow. If you’ve never used these particular colors before, there are tons of tutorials and tips on Huda’s official website and social media pages as well as Youtube. One thing I always try to do when it comes to bright and new shades is to use one color at a time to see how it looks, then build from there. If this is your first color rich palette and you’ve never done color combinations before, then I definitely recommend practicing for a bit. Be patient and kind with yourself; it takes time to learn how to create more intricate looks.

Other styles in this collection are Ruby Obsessions, Sapphire Obsessions and Topaz Obsessions. These styles are out of stock at the moment, but should be back very soon! Definitely keep checking for new arrivals! You can also drop a line on Facebook and Instagram if you’re looking to place a special order or want something we don’t have listed on the site. Our Customer Service Representatives are always ready to help you!

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