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One of the best ways to start the week is by checking out new products. has some great new arrivals and I’ll be discussing them in this post!

  1. Rimmel Insta A F Rg Concealer and Corrector Palette: This is a Very good, budget friendly color correcting palette. It includes three colors: peach, green and lilac. These are the most commonly used color correcting tones. Peach helps eliminate dark spots ( so it’s good for under the eyes), green combats redness and lilac brightens sallow and dull skin. There are many great charts on how to apply color correcting tones on Pinterest. I would definitely recommend checking them out.
  2. Still Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick Set in Warm and Fuzzy and Play It Cool. Just as indicated from the product names, there is both a warm and cool toned three lip selection. Stila’s All Day Liquid Lipstick is ranked high among beauty lists. It truly does stay on all day, looks great and lives up to the hype. I own the Warm and Fuzzy set, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Another thing I like about these kits is that they give you three very different shades, including a red-toned shade. This way, you have complimentary colors but not three versions of the same tone.
  3. Saeed Ghani Neem Soap: Neem is one of my favorite active ingredients. This soap protects your skin from dust and pollution and gives it a healthy, fresh look.
  4. Rimmel Magnifeyes Nude Edition Eyeshadow Palette: If you’re in need of a new natural toned palette, then you’ll definitely like this one. Rimmel is known for having amazing products that deliver in quality and color value. This palette gives you twelve gorgeous shades which will carry you through the winter.
  5. Colour Studio Pro Blush Palette Volume One and Volume Two: Again, another great duo. Volume one contains soft, warm tones and volume two, cool pink hues. You get eight shades per palette which will give you many three dimensional looks and last you for some time.
  6. Rimmel Wonder Wing Eyeliner:  Winged eyeliner is not just in style, it’s a timeless style. This is a great tool which has been engineered specifically to give you the perfect cat eye look. It has a flat, angled tip which makes the process super easy and quick.
  7. Rimmel Scandal Eyes Mascara:  If you’re looking to try a new mascara or need to purchase a replacement, I suggest testing this formula out. It will give you full, voluminous lashes that will make your eyes pop.
  8. Saeed Ghani Aloevera Foaming Cleanser: Since our skin tends to dry out more during the winter, it’s very important to make sure we have a good skincare routine. Especially when it comes to products that help our skin retain moisture. Aloe Vera is one of the best active ingredients for skin hydration. It helps keep your skin moisturized, as well as cleans out clogged pores and washes away dirt. Aloe Vera is also a cooling ingredient, so if you have irritated or sensitive skin, this should help keep your complexion healthy and clear.

Be sure to browse for other exciting new arrivals and authentic products!

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