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I absolutely love Mini Cosmetics. Not only are they super cute, but they give me the chance to test out new products, colors and formulas without committing to full size products. It also cuts down on the amount of cosmetics which expire before I’ve had the chance to use all of the product. It is also significantly cheaper than investing in the full size product up front. has a really great Mini Bar stocked with mini makeup, skincare and more. Here are a few of the many items they currently have in stock:

  1. Beverly Hills Polo Club Hot Energizing Shower Gel: This is the perfect portion for travel, gifting or just trying a new formula. It can be used in the shower or bath and it gives your skin a fresh and uplifted feeling.
  2. Benefit Roller Lash Super Curling Mascara: If you’ve been wanting to try this marvelous brow product, no better way than to test drive the miniature version first. I have actually gone from purchasing full sized mascaras to using just travel sized. It gives me a variety, plus I can use all of the product before it dries out or expires. I also keep a miniature mascara in my purse for touchups and travel purposes.
  3. Bite Beauty The Perfect Bite Mini Lipstick Set: You get four mini lipsticks in various shades, as well as a really cute carrying case. Bite’s colors are creamy, long lasting and go on easily. This would make a perfect gift, or the perfect item to share with friends.
  4. Bobbi Brown Mini Brush Set: This product does have a higher price tag than other items in the mini bar, but it’s worth every penny. Bobbi Brown’s makeup brushes are known for their superior quality and ability to give you a flawless finish. You get several brushes which also come with a travel case. This is perfect for taking on vacations, keeping in your purse, or if you’re a makeup artist on the go.
  5. Buxom Pout On The Prowl Lip Set: This set comes with a mini red lipstick and a mini crystal lip topper. You can wear them together or on their own. Buxom is an excellent cosmetics line and their reds really deliver.
  6. Clinique Foaming Facial Soap: Clinique is known for having some of the most versatile and inclusive skincare products on the market. This is a great travel sized version of their foaming cleanser. It’s a good way to try out a new product to make sure it is suitable for your skin, plus it’s the perfect size for travel or gifting.
  7. Clinique Mini Clarifying Lotion for Oily Skin: If you’re oily like me, then it is definitely worth your while to try out this clarifying lotion. It helps keep oil production under control, and since it’s in mini form, you can try before you commit to a full sized version.
  8. Clinique Mini Pop Glaze Lip Color in Bubblegum: I love this shade, and it’s so cute in miniature form. This is perfect for gifting or for an extra lip product to keep in your purse.

Be sure to visit for more great mini bar items! 

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