Save Big on Self-Care Beauty Essentials This Weekend During J4G’s Great Beauty Sale

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Sometimes, we need a break from, well, life. It is not that we don’t enjoy our day-to-day, it’s just that we need a reprieve–be it from work, school, family, or friends. I’m not sure where your energy levels are at ladies, but damn it has just been one of those weeks. Thank the good lord that the weekend is upon us, because ya girl really needs some R&R, TLC, and overall self-care and pampering if you will. Feel the same way? If so, and since the laze has quickly crept up on me, I feel it is only necessary to emphasize what can be achieved this weekend with very little effort to get you ladies at full wind down potential. I’m talking about those self-care practices that cost next to nothing (thanks to J4G’s Great Beauty Sale), don’t require you to leave the house (or even the tub for that matter), and will make you feel that much better having done them. Below are the biggest saves on self-care beauty essentials to cop during the final days of J4G’s Great Beauty Sale for a pampering “treat yo self” weekend:

  1. First things first, take a bath! Yes ladies, as a relaxation tool, baths are underrated. Even without any mix-ins, sitting in warm water is a powerful way to unwind. Turn on the taps, grab a book, or tee up a podcast, and take half an hour out for yourself. I often spike the water with a cupful of bath salts and a dash of Evoluderm Body Oil. If you ladies are thinking, “that doesn’t sound that lazy lady?” consider this–your skin will be so soft from the salt and oil that you won’t need to apply lotion when you get out of the tub.
  2. Don’t have a tub? That is quite alright. Get your pamper on and do a body scrub in the shower. Before you turn on the water, massage your body with an oil-based scrub, like the Evoluderm Huile Precieuse Body Scrub. The reason for this is twofold. You get a more thorough exfoliation on dry skin, plus you won’t have to step out of the water midway through. Again, your skin will be ridiculously soft and smooth, so no need for body lotion. (Win-win, am I right?!)
  3. If you ladies don’t already have one or two squirreled away for a rainy day, whack on a Greenland Bodycare Fruit Emotions Face Mask. But really, chuck one on and jump on the couch–they are scientifically proven to work better when you’re horizontal. Now, isn’t that convenient! 😉
  4. Treating your hair and giving it that extra attention doesn’t have to mean replicating a professional in-salon treatment using steam or hotels. For a lazier approach (cause who really has time for all that), comb in the Evoluderm Argan or Sweet Almond Oil and sleep in it. The heat that escapes through the top of your head overnight will help the product penetrate from maximum benefits. Come morning, you’ll have hair softer than a lil kitties ear.
  5. File those nails! Yes, that is right, a natural mani is just as chic as one with polish, but takes half the time and energy. Grab a quality file from one of Atiqa Odho’s Color Cosmetics Manicure & Pedicure Kits and get to shaping while you watch TV. It is a simple 5 minute exercise–max, and it never fails to make me feel more pulled together.

Now that you ladies are well aware of the easiest and most affordable way to reboot over the weekend, it is time to hop on and checkout the J4G Great Beauty Sale to save big on self-care beauty essentials that will allow you to wind down and have a pampering and lazy weekend. All of the discounted self-care beauty products mentioned above are STILL available on, but may not be around for much longer–and definitely not at these unbeatable prices since the J4G Great Beauty Sale ends November 12. It’s your weekend to TREAT YO SELVES ladies, act fast now so you can revel in being slow and laid all weekend long 😉

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