Say Goodbye To Dirt And Grime With Evoluderm’s Rinse – Off Cleansing Oil

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If you are a regular wearer of makeup then you are probably familiar with makeup removers, wipes and washes. What you may not know about is cleansing oil and how this one product could completely changeup your beauty routine. Cleansing oil is a miracle product that will replace your makeup remover and facial cleanser. It may sounds like a bit of a conundrum – an oil cleaning your face – but it is true. I was converted to using cleansing oil by Evoluderm’s: Rinse – Off Cleansing Oil, and I have been an advocate ever since. Checkout my outline below of this magical stuff; once you try it for yourself I bet you will never use soap on your face again.

What Exactly is Cleansing Oil?

Just like the name implies it is an oil used to breakdown all variety of pollutants that are on the skins surface. It helps with the stripping of makeup, excess sebum (this is what causes pimples), dirt, and various other particles that could irritate the skin.

Does it Work for All Skin Types?

Yes, it does! People with oily skin when cleansing with these oils your skin will not become a greasy mess. Also people with dry skin that tightens up after every wash – do not fear either. Unlike soap and other traditional cleansers, which strip off everything on your face (even the good oils), cleansing oils work by dissolving impurities. To further elaborate, these cleansing oils work as solvents. These oils are a special solvents in the sense that they are ‘naturally attracted to other oils, including the sebum our skin produces and the oil-like ingredients in makeup,’ according to skin experts from Paula’s Choice Skincare. When ridding the face of debris, cleansing oil does not dry out the skin, which makes it a great product for people with sensitive skin or aging skin.

They Very Easy to Use!

Pump a generous amount into the palm of your dry hands. By generous amount I mean 2-3 pumps, do not skimp on the amount because you need a sufficient amount of oil for the cleansing properties to work. A thin layer of oil is counterproductive and will not dissolve the guck off your face. When the oil is in the palm of your hand warm it up by rubbing both of your palms together for about 15 seconds. Next, apply oil in a circular motion all over your face to the hairline. Continue the circular motion for about 2 minutes. You can start to feel the pollution of the day, plus your makeup start to grit off. Follow by adding some water to your face and continue massaging. You will see the water and the oil emulsify, turning the oil into a milky white color. The emulsification is what removes the oily feeling from your skin. Make sure to thoroughly rinse off all the emulsified oil and gently pat your face dry.

Cleansing with oil is a little more time consuming than other face cleansers. The extra bit of effort will transform your face for the better. Trust me the thought of putting soap on your face will never come about again.

The wait is almost over, in the next couple of weeks will be carrying amazing Evoluderm products including cleansing oil. Be sure to checkout our site frequently for the launch of Evoluderm.

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