Sheet Masks 101: What They Are and How To Use Them Properly

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Read on for the 101 on Sheet Masks. Image Credit Richard Magazine.

Sheet Masks have become insanely popular in the past few years, and for good reason. They’re simple and easy to use as well as crazy effective. I would argue that they are quite possibly one of the best additions you could make to your current skincare regime ( if you’re not using them already, that is ).

If you’re new to this beauty trend, here’s a rundown of everything you need to know in order to get your sheet mask on:

What are sheet masks, anyway?

In basic terms, sheet masks are fabrics ( pre-cut ) that have been saturated with skin-beneficial serums. The ingredients ( from vitamins to antioxidants to moisture binding agents ) can range to fit a variety of skin needs. Since the masks are sealed in individual packages, they are ready for immediate use upon opening.

Many people love these because they are super easy to use; there is minimal mess and no brushes to clean.

Sheet masks are usually made with the following materials: Non-woven fibers ( the most inexpensive on the spectrum), Cottons ( delivers serum  to the skin a little better than Non-woven, but tend to be more difficult to use ), Hydrogel ( Serums + Gelatin = a soothing gel like film that sits on the face. These are usually pretty pricey) and Bio-Cellulose ( easier to move around, stick better than cotton but like Hydrogel, can be expensive ). *
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The active ingredients are different from other types of face masks:

Your run of the mill clay and fruit based masks are primarily fruit and earth-made material based. Sheet masks are primarily serum-based and take more time to work on your skin. With sheet masks, the pre-soaked cloth delivers the ingredients to your skin over a period of twenty-five to thirty minutes ( depending on the instructions on the mask ).

Other types of mask deliver the benefit and then are quickly washed away, such as in the case of a pore-clearing clay based mask. This type of mask dries quickly, sucks out gunk and grime, and then is washed away. The benefits of this type of mask are immediate, whereas the benefits of a sheet mask are longer lasting since they are delivering concentrated serums into the skin.

This is also why your skin may feel a lot brighter, fuller and have more of a glow after using a sheet mask.
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How to use sheet masks:

First, before I go any further, one mistake I made when I was first using these was leaving them on for too long. If the package recommends twenty minutes, then it’s best to set a timer and remove the mask once time is up. A common misconception is that “if I leave it on longer, it will work faster/better/etc.” Sadly, this isn’t true. What will actually happen is the sheet will dry out and possibly suck out the good stuff from your skin as it does, so leaving the mask on for longer than you’re supposed to can actually be counter productive.

Here are some guidelines on how to properly apply sheet masks:

  1. Cleanse the skin first. Super important.
  2. Be sure to use a Toning Lotion. If you’re not sure what a Toning Lotion is, check out the article What is a Toning Lotion, Anyway?
  3. Remove the mask from the package, and unfold ( make sure if there is any paper backing on the mask that you remove it at this point ).
  4. Find a place where you can lie down on your back and then apply the mask to your face. Adjust the mouth, eye and nose holes to fit your face.
  5. Take any remaining serum from the bag and massage onto your neck if desired.
  6. Leave on for amount of time specified on packaging.
  7. When time is up, remove the mask and then gently pat the remaining serums into your skin. Don’t wash your face after this; you’ll undo all of the benefits of the mask. It might feel cold and gooey; that’s okay. It’s supposed to, and the remaining serums will quickly absorb.
  8. Finish by applying eye and face creams if desired.

You can use sheet masks any time of the day, but I prefer to do them at night time right before bed. The reason for this is because our skin’s natural repair cycle happens while we sleep, so I like to make sure the nutrients are working while I sleep.

Evoluderm has a great line of sheet masks that are very budget friendly and effective.

  1. Evoluderm Moisturizing Sheet Mask: This mask utilizes “Lyocell Technology,” which delivers optimal diffusion of active ingredients via the ultra-fine fiber based mask. It instantly plumps and moisturizes skin. Aloe Vera provides moisturizing, soothing and healing properties while Hyaluronic Acid reduces sensation of tightness and prevents dehydration.
  2. Evoluderm Anti-Aging Sheet Mask:  Also formulated with Lyocell Technology, this mask ensures an immediate lift effect. It also smooths and revitalizes skin while reducing the signs of aging. The sole ingredient in this mask is Collagen; a superstar which firms contour of the face and reduces wrinkles.
  3. Evoluderm Whitening Sheet Mask: Another Lyocell Technology driven mask, this particular mask illuminates and unifies skin texture. Alpine Plants ensure a radiant complexion.
  4. Evoluderm Detox Sheet Mask: This mask is different from the above in that it is made from Black Bamboo fibers which ensures the active ingredients are perfectly diffused into the skin. It eliminates toxins and impurities while toning the skin. Active Botanical Charcoal, the sole active ingredient, detoxifies and refreshes skin.

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*Reference: Little Wonderland

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