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Come on, who doesn’t love that LMFAO song?! I used to jam to that song nonstop. In this blog I want to share the secret world of shots with you! I am not talking about those kinds of shots; I’m talking about: skincare, essential oil and foundation shots. You might be thinking what are these various shots? Well my pretties, let me tell you they are the best thing since sliced bread. Let’s take it back a few steps; if you have been following Just4Girls you may have seen their launch of foundation shots this past summer. Foundation shots are 5mL bottles that contain foundation. This way you are able to try out various shades and brands to find your best match. The best part is the shots are extremely affordable, ranging in price from PKR 399 – PKR 999. I love the chic little bottles they come in they are sooo adorable. My favorite is the Wet N Wild PhotoFocus, for 399 rupees I can try and blend all the shades without the guilt of spending too much. If I truly cannot live without the shade then I am able to purchase the full bottle off of Just4Girls.

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OMG I have talked so much about foundation shots, let me skip along to the skincare shots. Ohhhhh are you going to love this! Skincare shots were created for the curious consumer in mind. Following the same concept of the foundation shot, Just4Girls created skincare shots for all the ladies who want to improve their facial game. If you starting to have fine lines around your eyes and if your skin is feeling lifeless and dull this product is for you. Skin Science – Skin Refining Face Serum contains collagen and vitamin C. This serum is concocted of goodness that helps replenish dry skin with moisture and brightening oils. Use daily at nighttime after you have cleansed your face. Apply 3-5 drops on your ring finger and apply around your eyes and smile lines and anywhere else that looks like it needs a boost. The results are amazing; see for yourself.

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Have you jumped on the essential oil bandwagon yet? If not I am stretching out my hand and pulling you on this very second. Just4Girls has also launched an essential oil shots section. Currently, there is only one essential oil shot on the page but it is due to expand within the next month. Why is there so much hype around essential oils? It’s because essential oils are organic compounds that are extracted from plants, which have great healing agents/properties. What you can find on Just4Girls at the moment is the amazing tea tree oil shot. Tea tree oil has some of the best healing abilities. Used topically it can fight infections such as acne, nail fungus, lice, scabies, and ringworm. I use tea tree oil everyday as a toner for my face. I take a cotton ball get it damp with some water and place 3-4 drops of tea tree on it. I then use that cotton ball and go in a circular motion around my face. Once finished you can see all the grime from the day that comes off your face. This also helps with oil skin that is acne prone.

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