Skincare Essentials – Garnier Skin Natural Light & Radiant Fairness Scrub

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I have been feeling lazy writing blogs lately but then I came across this amazing product which I tried again recently & it forced me to write something good about it. Product is Garnier Skin Natural Light & Radiant Fairness Scrub – 100ML. Before I start reviewing this product, I need to tell everyone that I am obsessed with Garnier products especially their Skincare range. It suits my skin in all-weather specially winters as my skin gets dry then so my reviews are little tilted towards praising Garnier products.

Having said that I love Garnier products, I personally don’t like this range as I always think that Garnier is known for Skincare products rather than fairness of skin but after using this particular product, I was pleasantly surprised with the result of scrub.

The Garnier Skin Natural Light & Radiant Fairness Scrub – 100ML scrub is part of the Garnier light & radiant fairness club which they claim is suited for all skin complexions. It comes in yellow white packaging with lemons printed on the tube. This particular product comes in a tube which makes it handy to carry while being on the move so it appeals to professional women increases.

Garnier Light and Radiance
Garnier Light and Radiance

The Garnier Skin Natural Light & Radiant Fairness Scrub – 100ML scrub is egg yellow is color which is delight to my eyes is more like a gel so it works well for oily skins too. The scrub taste & smells like lemon, which to me is a great plus as I love lemons but for those who don’t like lemons, it will be a big NO for them.

So now let’s talk about how effective it is for our skin. Garnier claims that this scrub is for fairness and anti-tan, anti-tan was the reason I chose this scrub & by God I got the results in less than a month using it regularly, not only that it evens the skin texture as well but it takes around 2 months to do so. I strongly suggest to use Garnier Skin Natural Light & Radiant Fairness Scrub – 100ML for atleast 2 months and observe the results which I am sure will be great. You can order it online from as its Pakistan No.1 online cosmetics website. They have a wide range of International brands like L’oreal, Maybelline New York, NYX, E.L.F cosmetics, Tarte, Urban decay, try this website, its heaven for beauty & cosmetics lovers.

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