Stick to the Newly Launched MUA Skincare Products when Setting a Game Plan for Your Summer-Friendly Skin Routine

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If you ladies have been keeping track of what’s going on at J4G, then you know about the newly and exclusively launched MUA products–new season, new makeup, new skincare. We’ve already discussed this summer’s beauty forecast, which has called for intense color and glitter–and now we’re calling on intense glow. Yes, skincare can be hard to maintain in the heat, but it is so important to come up with a game plan and stick to it during the summer months. Thankfully, J4G is rolling out an impressive assortment of brand new MUA skincare products that give you all the bang without too much of the buck. This way, you ladies don’t have to spend your savings on catering to your skin’s needs. We’re talking setting powders, primer oils, and makeup remover balms that will be sure to keep your skin glowing, below:

  • Having staples that you can rely on during the summer months is key to achieving a complexion that you are happy with. That summer staple, ladies, is the MUA Pro/Base Primer with Tea Tree. It is a super absorbent facial priming oil formulated with tea tree to promote clear skin and leave a radiant, flawless, and dewy finish. It is also an ideal base for makeup, with the matte finish providing a smooth canvas for foundation or concealer. Most importantly, incorporating a product with tea tree is so important because it is a multipurpose ingredient that is seen as a purifier, especially in relation to oily skin caused by summer heat and humidity.

  • Everything needs a finishing touch, and that includes your makeup. In this case, that is a dusting of powder. Sweeping on the MUA Pro/Base Full Coverage Matte Powder is ideal for maintaining your makeup and keeping shine at bay in the heat. The powder is long-lasting, provides full matte coverage, and as mentioned before, prevents excess shine for a flawless finish.


  • When it comes to makeup and skincare, there is really only one golden rule: to take it all off with one of the best makeup removers before going to bed. Some makeup removers work just fine, but others leave your skin feeling better than before. The MUA Pro/Base Makeup Remover Stick is a fabulous stick cleansing balm (perfect for avoiding messes and removing makeup on the go) that gently dissolves all makeup (including waterproof formulas), leaving skin feeling clean and fresh! For best results, apply on damp skin and work in to the skin. You see, once water is added in the mix, the balm will lather and rinse away like a dream.

So ladies, we’ve touched on all aspects of this summer seasons beauty and skincare forecast: colorful lips, glittery eyes, and glowy skin. The newly launched MUA products, exclusive to J4G, are your seasonal saviors. All of the products you require to get that optimum summer skin, mentioned above, are only a click away on–and they’re more affordable, too! There’s plenty more MUA to come. With wedding season upon us, we’ve got more coming your way! Be sure to stay posted on our website, social media pages, and blog! 😉

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