Still Haven’t Gotten A Father’s Day Gift? We’ve Got You Covered!

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Father’s Day 2018 is just three days away, on Sunday, June 17. This is the time when we all start scrambling looking for the perfect gift for our fathers, husbands, brothers, uncles or any prominent male in our lives. I am an okay gift giver. For some reason when it comes to my parents gift buying becomes impossible, and I can never decide what to get them, especially my dad.  Whenever I ask him what do you want he always says ‘I have everything I need.’ He is always totally evasive and doesn’t answer my question. I know better then to ask him again because there will be no straightforward answer.

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I have joined forces with my sister and mom this year and we plan on totally throwing a curveball with the gift we give. Sure we could give him a gift card, or some random power tool, but not this year. We decided to help him elevate his beauty and skincare game. You may be thinking fathers and skincare? It’s not as farfetched as you think. For the past few years’ men have paying more and more attention to their skincare routine. They have moved beyond the bar of soap and are ready to use products that are targeted to benefit their beauty regiment. So whether your dad likes to shave his face, grow a beard, keep his hair long or keep his hair short there is an awesome skincare product for him., Pakistan’s premium beauty site has started selling men’s lux grooming products. Okay, no more waiting, checkout the coolest products from J4G, which are perfect to gifts to give for Father’s Day:

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Father’s Day Box – A (PKR 3,500)Not sure which exact product your dad needs? Gift him the Father’s Day Box. Box A is geared towards shower time, which includes luxurious shampoo and conditioner:

Father’s Day Box A

men-u Healthy Hair & Scalp Shampoo (100ml)

men-u Smooth Leave In Conditioner (100ml)

men-u Healthy Face Wash (15ml)

e Shave After Shave Soother (30g)

Father’s Day Box – B (PKR 3,500) – If box A doesn’t sounds like stuff your dad would want we got you covered with box B, which contains skincare products and grooming goodies:

Father’s Day Box B

men-u Healthy Face Wash (15ml)

men-u Facial Moisturiser (15ml)

e Shaving Cream (15g)

e Pre-Shave Oil (15g)

e Shaving Brush

John Allan’s Cool Face Aftershave Remedy (118ml)

If you don’t want to splurge on a box then you can also treat your dad to individual items, such as:

e Shave After Shave Soother (30ml) (PKR 1,050)

e Shave Shaving Cream (30ml) (PKR 1,050)

John Allan’s Cool Face Aftershave Remedy (118ml) (PKR 2,450)

men-u Healthy Face Wash (15ml) (PKR 550)

men-u Healthy Hair & Scalp Shampoo (PKR 975)

men-u Lifting Facial Moisturiser (15ml) (PKR 550)

men-u Smooth Leave In Conditioner (PKR 1,125)

You cannot go wrong with these amazing skincare items. We are so excited to gift it to my dad this year. If you have gifted your father skincare and grooming items before shoot me an email. I would love to know his reaction;

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