The 3 Makeup Brushes Every one of us should have in our kit as of yesterday.

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Sure, it’s nice and all to have a huge set of makeup brushes; who wouldn’t want an entire pro kit? But…if you don’t have these three brushes, then you’d better head over to and get them ordered ASAP:
Image Credit: @Tereza via Twenty20.


Foundation goes on really well when you have the right brush. Even though most of us have gotten really used to our beauty sponges, there are benefits to having a good foundation brush. For one, if you find the right shape brush for your needs/formula/face type, it can give you a truly breathtaking look. Here are some of my favorite picks:

  • MUA Stipple Foundation Blending Brush #F2: I’ve always found this brush (or any stipple brush) to give me the best foundation application. I don’t know if it’s that I’m not using the other foundation brushes out there correctly or if it’s my oily skin, but this brush really does it for me.
  • Luscious Cosmetics Foundation Brush #F1: What I like about this brush is that it is also dense (much like the stipple brushes), but it has an angle, so you can really blend your foundation in those harder to reach areas like corners of the eyes, crease of the nose, around the ears, etc.
  • W7 Cosmetics Duo Foundation & Concealer Brush: This is a great double-edged tool for foundation and concealer. This is a flat brush, which most people swear by!
Image Credit: @VeraNovember via Twenty20.


A good blush brush is also essential to a well-rounded makeup kit. The Blush brush is usually the first brush people buy when they go shopping. I know it was my first makeup brush. I think it’s because blush brushes are so iconic. Here are some great blush brushes available at

  • W7 Cosmetics Blusher Brush: This is a reasonably priced brush which will give you a soft, flowy look. The more dense the bristles, the more dynamic the color application. If you’re wanting something light and airy, this is a good brush to start off with.
  • MUA Buki Blush Brush #F10: If you want to create very precise, artistic looks, then grab this brush up. I have one similar to it in my collection. I use it every day. In fact, I have more than one of the same brush which I use for highlight, contour and my blush.
  • Oriflame Precision Angled Blush Brush: This is for those who love that classic angled blush look. Think Kim Kardashian style contouring and blush application. I bought my first angled brush like this a few months ago and really have come to love it.
Shop Eyeshadow at Image Credit: @monicaclick via Twenty20.
Shop Eyeshadow at Image Credit: @monicaclick via Twenty20.


How many of you girls out there started out applying your eyeshadow with those little foam applicators that came with your palette? Now, how many of you out there were amazed the first time you threw that little foam spatula away when you discovered how much better eyeshadow looks when applied with a brush? If you raised your hand, then you are one of many. To be fair, the little foam applicators are useful in a pinch, on the go, or for blending. I just prefer creating my overall looks with a brush. Here are some great eyeshadow brushes available at

  • MUA Eyeshadow Brush #E1: This is a rounded edge brush with dense, firm fibers. If you’re wanting to get the most out of your pigment, pack it on with a dense brush. The fluffy brushes are great, but they are going to give you a softer overall look. I love this brush and it creates some amazing looks, mainly if you’re a fan of pressed eyeshadows as I am.
  • MUA Eyeshadow Blending Brush #E3: Speaking of fluffy brushes, this is a great one. It’s “fluffy” because the bristles aren’t as dense as the E1 brush. This will give you a softer, powdery look. If your preference is loose shadows, then this is the brush to go with.
  • Makeup Revolution Pro Blending Eyeshadow Brush #E103: This is another fluffy brush, but it is a great brush to use for both color application and blending. I still like the MUA ones best, however, Makeup Revolution makes great products as well. This would be good for powdered and pressed shadows. has beauty advisors on stand-by waiting to assist you with your order! Hop on over to the site and send us a message; we’re ready to help you with a l of your beauty needs!



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