The Best False Lashes To Rock All Summer

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There is an age old proverb that says, ‘eyes are the window to the soul,’ and ain’t that the truth! We use our eyes for so many things. Our eyes tell stories, they emote, they wink, they blink, they cry, etc…that is powerful. The first thing I notice when I meet someone are their eyes, more specifically their eyelashes. I used to be able to tell between faux lashes and real ones, but the quality of falsies have gotten so good that I get thrown off more often than not. If you are not happy with you lashes there are hundreds of products out there to help lengthen and make them look more voluptuous. With so many serums, oils, extensions it can all get a tad bit overwhelming. That’s why I want to take it a step back and go old school, with traditional false lashes, even some with a magnetic modern twist.

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Flash lashes are the ultimate game changer when it comes to your beauty routine. Not everyone is born with long baby doll lashes and that is okay. If you are one of those people who have short blunt lashes mascara just doesn’t cut it. There are a plethora of faux lashes out there and many of them can help you achieve your #lashgoals. There is one unfortunate downfall when it comes to falsies, you don’t have the opportunity to actually try the product before you buy it. That is why when it comes to shopping for the right set you need to know all about it beforehand. Make sure to take everything into consideration from your eye shape, to how sensitive they are before you drop some dough.

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Application is key when it comes to fake lashes. Sometimes it’s better to experiment with a cheap pair to see how your eyes react to glue or any other material used to create the lashes. If you are a complete novice, use an application tool. If the set does not come with an applicator, find a pair of tweezers. Use the tweezers to remove the lash strip from the tray and place on top of your lash line. If any adjustments need to be made such as trimming or shaping do that now. Once you like the placement and length apply a tiny sliver of glue and wait about 20-30 seconds for the glue to become tacky. Then proceed to apply as close as you can to the lash line. Be sure to apply a tiny bit of pressure with your hands or tweezers to secure the falsies in place.

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Now to the fun stuff! Checkout the top rated false lashes on

W7 Cosmetics Flutter Eyes False Eye Lashes (PKR 690)

Andrea 5 Of A Kind Lashes & Applicator (PKR 1,599)

HudaBeauty Classic Eyelashes – Lana #10 (PKR 2,599)

L.A Splash Lashtease – Wickedly Divine (PKR 1,699)

The Vintage Cosmetic Company – Nancy False Strip Lashes (PKR 1,099)

Wet n Wild Color Icon Faux Lashes – Disco Baller Status (PKR 599)

Ardell Magnetic Lashes – Double 110 (PKR 2,599)

False lashes are fun and flirty try a set out today. A wise person once said, ‘the longer the lashes the closer you are to God.’ I will leave you all with that ;).

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