The Best Lip Primers That Keep the Dreaded Lipstick Fade at Bay

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We are all guilty of owning drawers (yes, plural) of lipsticks and glosses. Everything from super-pigmented mattes, creamy bullets, shiny glosses–you name it, we’ve tried it and worn it to our heart’s content. That is because lipstick is probably one of the best items of makeup to experiment with. Between the crazy amount of colors available and a new formula being created in what seems to be quick, almost weekly turnout, we can barely get our hands on all that lipsticks have to offer fast enough. There is, however, one key tool that is a necessity to testing out lipsticks day in and day out. As any true, full-time lipstick wearer knows, lipstick without primer is the equivalent of peanut butter without jelly. You see ladies, even our favorite, most coveted formulas will fade, crack, and dry without the help of a powerful balm to keep them in place. Moreover, any girl who is a regular lipstick queen knows that staying power counts just as much as color, and using a good primer can give almost any lipstick the ability to stay on your lips for hours on end, regardless of formula.

Are you ladies curious about what lip primer actually does? Much like the primer we use (or forget to use) before applying foundation, lip primer creates a smooth canvas for flawless coverage. If chosen correctly, lip primer has the ability to moisturize and nourish lips, prevent feathering, fading, and bleeding, provide long-lasting color, and add dimension to your shade of choice. Pretty much, brighter lips and fewer touch ups. Yep, I’ll go ahead and count you ladies in. So, whether you are a full on lipstick junkie or just a gal that dabbles in the art of a statement lip, below is a compilation of the best drugstore aka affordable lip primers, because everybody deserves a bright, bold, and beautiful lip 24/7:

  1. The ColourPop Lippie Stix Primer enhances the wear of any lip product and keeps the lips looking and feeling healthy! The unique primer contains itty bitty spherical beads that fill in lines, making lips look and feel instantly smooth and plump. The formula contains mango, avocado, and shea butter for moisture and vitamin E to soothe the lips. Thusly so, this particular primer is great to use before applying liquid lippies, because it is ace at the prevention of feathering; so, don’t forget to apply to the outer edge of the lip line!
  2. Prime on a literal dime with the E.L.F Lip Primer & Plumper. As the name suggests, one end of the double-sided pencil primes, while the other plumps–if you’re into a little plump in your pout ;). This primer creates a base for awesome, smudge-proof lipstick. So, your lips get a full treatment for less.
  3. Keep lip color in place despite coffee sips and stolen smooches that would normally lead to smudging with the chunky NYX Lip Primer. The primer by NYX, a drugstore brand that loyalists swear by, contours and creates the perfect canvas for lip products to apply evenly and last a loooooong time. By perfect canvas, I mean so even for lipstick that the color really pops! So, place this primer under any lipstick or gloss and you’ll instantly notice a difference. Besides the creamy formula providing a great base coat, it is also SUPER affordable. It is the smoothest of operators.

In the end, I mean really, who doesn’t want long-lasting lip color? Especially between all the sipping, eating, chatting, and kissing we do throughout the day, the lip needs a base that can keep up the color that we know will always be there. All of the lip primers mentioned above yield excellent results, so you know they are available on Watch your lipstick stay where it belongs–on your lips, and not anywhere else. A bold lip that won’t smudge is the motto, ladies!

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