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Nail polish trends every season never really stray from the ordinary and are, for the most part, pretty predictable. Soft, pastel-y watercolors are the go-to for the spring, candy-hued bright and neon colors for the summer, and the moodier reds, blues, purples, and grays for fall and winter. There is, however, this sort of unique period during holiday season where the same old goes out the door to welcome in red-and-green glitter and candy-cane stripes.

For those of you that aren’t about the tacky holiday manicure, there is an emerging nail trend that will work for all your upcoming holiday parties–and even serve well into the new year. This trend is fun and festive, but is also subtle and low-key. Ladies, reacquaint yourselves with shimmer!

Girls are loving the shimmer on nails at the moment! It gives a frosted and diffused shine. Shimmers are also so fun for the holiday season–and beyond! They are not as hard to remove as glitter on nails can be. They help create an elevated look as well. It seems as though celebrity nail artists are unanimous in agreeing that both chrome and iridescent shades are going to be huge this season. It is the futurist, unpredictable finish on the nails that create a daring, wildcard element to your holiday look–the dressy but chill look. I’m all for dressy and chill vibes, like a dress paired with killer kicks 😉

Below are some of the best shades to wear the shimmer finish with:

  1. Silver hits a sweet spot when paired with a shimmery finish. Try Gosh Matte Finish Nail Lacquer in Frosted Silver. It’s more of a shiny chrome that is also inexplicably matte and gritty.
  2. Mirrored nails are super trendy, edgy, and still chic. Try Revlon Colorstay Nail Enamel in Sequim to cop that reflect-off-the nails look.
  3. The shape-shifting chrome manicure that transforms from bronze to gold to light yellowish-green when hit by some light is next level. Try Sweet Touch Nail Polish in Chrome Gold.
  4. Millennial Pink in a shimmery holographic finish makes light pink feel a little less cutesy and more futuristic. Try Golden Rose Paris Nail Lacquer in shade 21. Another great pink that is more of a magenta shade is Femina Nail Polish in 1324. The shimmer is barely visible, until the polish hits the light. This shimmer plays mind games 😉
  5. A chrome blue-green shade is all the rage! Try Gosh Nail Lacquer in Ocean for a slightly shimmery mermaid scale, or the paint on a well-maintained classic car.
  6. A black shimmery lacquer screams femme fatale. Try Sweet Touch Nail Polish in Iron Maiden, and pair it with a vampy lip to complete your edgy, goth look.
  7. The vibrant electric orange shade isn’t just for spring, but spilling over into the fall and winter seasons. I am absolutely loving it. Try Sweet Touch Nail Polish in Citrus Glaze to get that electric orange in a shimmery shade.
  8. Lastly, blood red is so appealingly edgy and goth this winter. Instead of a classic true, candy-apple red, try Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel in Bordeaux.

Those are the shimmeriest, trendiest nail polish shades available on Go online to find your favorite shimmery shades to last you through this holiday season!

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