The Best Sleek MakeUP Products to Spend Your Money On

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Sleek MakeUP is a cosmetics brand that everyone in England (and abroad) have been raving about recently. All the reviews that I have come across go on and on about the quality products and the low prices associated with the budget-friendly brand. Lucky for you ladies, Sleep MakeUP is now available in Pakistan–thanks to Since the brand is relatively new to Pakistan, a lot of us may feel uneasy about testing out the foreign brand. There is no need to fret though ladies, I have done you all the courtesy of combing through the makeup and chosen which products are worth your money. Here is the roundup of the best Sleek MakeUP products to spend your money on:

  1. Like many budget brands, Sleek MakeUP’s eyeshadow formulas can vary from smooth and highly pigmented to a little chalky and patchy at times. Overall, however, the Sleek MakeUP Eyeshadow Palettes are a great deal and contain some high quality shades. Most of the palettes come with a mix of shimmery and matte shades and contain colors that are staples for any makeup collection. The compact and durable packaging of the eyeshadow palettes also makes for a great travel palette. A personal favorite is the Beautiful Sin Palette, which is jam packed with beautiful shades that will definitely inspire.  
  2. The Sleek MakeUP blushes are highly pigmented with complementary hues and great blendability. With just a light touch, the blushes look stunning and add just enough to the face to look purposeful but not overdone. They are also a bit glittery, so you get a shimmery pop and finish on the face. The Sleek MakeUP Blush by 3 Palette in Take A Cheeky Peek complements most skin tones. I guarantee you, you won’t be disappointed with this purchase.
  3. The Sleek MakeUP I’m Conditional Mascara promotes strong, long healthy lashes and helps them to grow. The innovative mascara conditions lashes. The full volume, long-wearing formula thickens, lengthens, and is perfect for building subtle or dramatic effects. The unique double bristle brush captures even the hardest to reach lashes, making application quick and easy. It is a great everyday mascara that is easy to use, gives amazing results, and doesn’t wear off during the day.
  4. The Sleek MakeUP Dip It Liquid Eyeliner in Black is contained in a packaged tube, while the felt tip applicator detaches completely from the tube that holds the formula. The type of applicator is so precise and gets the job done. The formula is long-lasting and highly-pigmented, so it lasts through long days. It dries into a nice and clean matte finish. Also, if you are into the winged-eyeliner look, this is a great liner to play around with and achieve an even and perfect look.
  5. I’m so in love with the Sleek MakeUP Major Matte Ultra Smooth Lip Cream Collection. The formula of the matte lip cream is so comfortable to wear and glides on in one smooth application. The light as air texture provides easy wear for hours that doesn’t cake, flake, or dry-out. The lip cream collection comes in some beautiful and flattering colors like DayDreamer, Regal, Rioja Red, and Velvet Slipper.

There you are ladies, a quick, painless, and budget-friendly guide to the best Sleek MakeUP products that are available on So, next time you are surfing the web in need of new makeup products or just want to try out a new brand that everyone is obsessing over, give Sleek MakeUP a go. You’ll be sure the find some great products–for less!

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