The Biggest Hair Color Trends for Spring 2018

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It’s still pretty early on in 2018, but then again, it is April and there is no sign of warmth or sunshine in the near future. At this point, there is only one thing that will get us through the hellish nightmare that is a long, drawn-out winter: the fact that there is a fresh crop of spring hair color trends that are waiting for us on the other side of this cold season. Colorists are seeing girls embrace warmer tones, go for unconventional shades, and also make subtle changes to really give their natural features a boost. Although March 20th was the official last day of winter and we are 2 weeks into spring, it is time to take our sad, blah hair to warmer, prettier, and trendier heights. So ladies, check out our roundup of our favorite hair color trends that are for sure going to blow up your Instagram newsfeed this spring:

  1. We’re going to be seeing a lot of ashy to ultra violet in the beauty sphere is spring season and beyond. It makes perfect sense too, since ultra violet was named Pantone’s Color of the Year. There is a lot of room to work with when going with the purple tones. It’s great for dark hair that needs a little color, as well as lighter hair–which is easier to achieve your perfect hue. Try Framesi Color in Pure Violet or Pure Blue (for dimension). Also, keeping the shade on point requires maintenance. So, using a color-infused conditioner is a great way to help the color last.
  2. For anyone with beach-blonde or platinum fatigue from 2017, you can rejoice in the warm, golden, honey-blonde tones that are popping up like flowers this spring. Just like all the different spring flowers, there are so many variations with a warm-blonde tone. There is golden beige, honey-golden blonde, warm honey, and 90’s soft-almost-buttery gold–it’s really all about the right tone for you. Try Schwarzkopf Special Blonde Igora Royal in Blonde Beige, Gold Copper Blonde, and Medium Blonde Gold Extra. Warm shades win the highest honors this season, ladies!
  3. Call it the Donald Trump effect (ew), but many are asking for those unnatural shades of full-on orange, red, yellow, and pink. It seems these spicy shades are getting so popular because they are fresh and new, but also unexpected, loud, and push the boundaries a bit more than most–sounds like Donald Trump, ew again. Despite the alarming resemblance with the U.S.’s cheeto of a president, people are beginning to embrace the unconventional hue–not Trump the Dump! If you are about it, then make sure you talk to your colorist about what shade would complement your skin tone. Most of all, exert major confidence vibes if your are trying to pull off a loud orange–you’ve got to go all in. (This is not a Trump metaphor, so please don’t take it that way ladies.)Try L’Oreal Excellence Creme Hair Color in Pepper Orange or Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Fashion Lights Hair Color in Orange-Red Violet.

It definitely seems like we’re moving toward brighter, bolder, and spicer shades this spring. Above, we’ve highlighted our favorite acid purple shades, red-hot cinnamon looks, and 90’s inspired gold and caramel highlights that both brighten and warm up the vibe. Moreover, all of the hair colors mentioned above are available on if you are your own colorist. If not, hit up your colorist and thank us later for the hair color trend scope 😉


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