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Urban Decay is a very popular cosmetic company that has created makeup products that have generated positive hype in recent years. They are known for creating quality products at a higher-end (but not luxury) price range that consistently deliver. The company is also entirely cruelty-free and has even been awarded the annual best cruelty-free cosmetics line by PETA. By nature, UD is in constant development of new products, colors, and finishes for their customers. That is exactly what UD does: innovate, so as to never stop pushing the button and improving on their existing products and formulas. So, to say that Urban Decay has developed a cult following is a bit of an understatement. After all, the brand’s Naked Eyeshadow Palette proved to be such a hit that UD is constantly coming out with unique combinations to keep up with the increasing demand–the Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette is among the latest.

Honestly, you ladies may feel the need to take on a second job to keep up with all the products and hype. To help you ladies scale back your addiction (and your wallets), the team here at has gone ahead and rounded up the best of the best–crème de la crème if you will–from classic products that have stood the test of time (there is a good thing you already own a classic) to just-launched gems that are already changing the beauty game. Below are the best products at that every UD enthusiast should have in their arsenal:

  1. We just can’t get enough of the 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner. So much so, that when it can’t be found in stores, we readily admit pure panic. Not an issue though ladies, this product is fully stocked at It is waterproof and doesn’t budge after a long, hot, and sweaty summer day. The applicator is a super thin brush that allows you to create just about any liner look, whether you are trying to do a simple cat eye or something far more daring.
  2. We can’t possibly mention UD without mentioning the Vice Lipstick. As a product that is synonymous with its brand, the Vice Lipstick represents the core principles of Urban Decay and even harkens back to its humble beginnings. A lipstick series that contains bold and exciting colors, Vice Lipstick and Urban Decay Lipstick in general was one of the original UD offerings, and it’s no surprise that is has stuck and evolved into one of their most popular products of today–both for quality and color range (over 100 different shades!) The creamy, crazy-pigmented formula of the lipstick currently comes in 6 different finishes: mega matte, comfort matte, cream, metallized, sheer, and sheer shimmer. So if you are big into lipstick, chance are you already own at least once shade from UD. If you don’t already own the Vice Lipstick in Mrs Mia Wallace, then that should be your first plan of action because it is must-buy for all lipstick lovers out there.
  3. Urban Decay’s Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder for Face and Body is a baked pressed powder that dusts with a subtle iridescent shimmer when applied. The product can be applied anywhere on the body; it can be used as an intense highlighter on the face or as an added extra dose of summer glow to the chest or legs. The Illuminator is available is three different colors, each of which has a flawless, radiant finish for the purpose of fitting as many skin tones as possible. It is available in Aura (a soft pink shade), Lit (a classic bronzed shade), and Fireball (an iridescent pink sparkle with a peachy shift.)
  4. Most beauty junkies would unanimously agree that every single one of the Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palettes are their favorite. Each and every palette opens up to reveal a unique and somehow perfect combination of wearable–and buildable–shades. Of all the UD Palettes, we love the one that started it all, but our latest obsession at the moment is the UD Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette. With all of the amber-hued neutrals, including warm browns, oranges, and rich siennas, there’s no better palette for the summer season.

So as is the same tale with all beauty creators, there are just some standout pieces amongst UD’s offerings. From their famous (and widely imitated) Naked Palette, as well as all its gorgeous iterations, to their pigmented and vibrant lipsticks that add dimension and flair to any look, the edgy maker has truly got it all. All of the incredible heroes mentioned above are available on, ready to make excellent and valuable additions to your makeup collection. Owning an Urban Decay product is like a rite of passage into the amazing world of makeup. So ladies, go ahead and take that pivotal step 😉

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