The Hairstyling Tool I use to make my morning routine go by faster!

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Image Courtesy of Dermstore.

How long does it normally take you to get ready in the morning? It takes me about thirty minutes, give or take and that’s including my makeup. However, it used to take me much longer to finish my routine. The culprit? My hair. It always takes me longer to get my hair the way I want it to be than it does my makeup. Does this happen to you guys, too?

Lucky for me, I found a great product to help me cut down time on getting ready in the morning. It’s a wonderful little hybrid tool called a curl and style air styler, and it’s made by Remington. These little babies are a life saver when it comes to giving me extra minutes in the morning that I can use to gather my thoughts, drink my coffee or get out the door a few minutes earlier than normal.
Remington Style & Curl Airstyler AS-800 available at Image Courtesy Remington.

This is a really great tool which not only curls your hair but dries it as well. I’ll be honest and let you guys know the two brush heads aren’t going to magically dry sopping wet hair like a blowdryer is going to. Using the round brushes for styling is actually best for damp and dry hair. You can even wash your hair the night before, spritz on your favorite styling spray or product and  let the tool do the rest. The good thing about this product is it comes with two different styling heads, a small rounded brush and a large rounded brush. The smaller end is going to give you a tighter curl, but can also be used to add texture to shorter hairstyles. The larger one gives body and more loosely flowing curls, so it’s perfect for those of you guys out there with long hair but don’t have a long time to spend getting ready.

If you’re wanting to dry your hair with this wand, then be sure to use the Fast Dry Concentrator attachment ( the one that looks like a tiny vaccum cleaner attachment). This is the one that’s going to get your hair nice and dry, and it really does. Then you can switch out attachments to which ever brush of your choice.

Getting into the routine of using this tool has really saved me a lot of time. For one, I don’t have a pesky brush that I keep dropping; there is a brush on the product already. I don’t have to have a bazillion different steps in my hair routine, either. I can dry my hair, then style and go without having a lot of different irons, tools and what not plugged in at the same time. That’s more of a time saver than I initially realized before I started using this brush.

Remington has several different models of this brush. The AS-800 like the one I have, plus the AS-404 which is a little cheaper, but doesn’t come with the Fast Dry Concentrator Attachment. I also love to use Beaver Gloss Pomade Spray and Andalou Naturals Lavender and Biotin Full Volume Spray; they give my hair a little extra lift!

I would definitely recommend heading over to and grabbing up one of these while they’re still in stock! Got a gorgeous ‘do to show us? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and use hashtag #Just4GirlsPK to share your looks with us!

Stay Beautiful, Stay Happy and Stay Healthy, Beauties!


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