The Many Faces of Pakistan

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I am an American of Pakistani origin. I grew up in typical Pakistani household where my Amma would cook dal chawal , aloo gobi, and curry. I would wear shalwar kameez on occasion when going to a dawat or any Eid function. I knew like every other Indian movie and even jammed out Shah Rukh Khan songs. Pakistani culture was always around, how could it not be? My Abba immigrated to the US at a young age and even completed his studies here. After he and my mom got married she came to the US also. They have been in America for nearly 40 years now. What I know about Pakistani culture and life is through them. I have been to Pakistan several times, but view of the country is very limited.

What I mean is my Pakistan is very sheltered, what I know about the people of Pakistan is very limited. I carelessly think that all Pakistani’s look like me, eat like me, and talk like me – well maybe not talk like me because my Urdu is horrendous. But then again their Urdu might be horrible also because it’s not their first lanuage. There are 73 spoken languages in Pakistan according to, Dawn and My Pakistan is a bubble, and my interpretation of Pakistani people has always been is tan, dark brownish skin, speaks Urdu and loves roti. Not only is this view of Pakistan harmful it also extremely ignorant. That description I just gave you is only one of hundreds of facets of Pakistan. There are so many faces of Pakistan it is unimaginable. Each ethnic group has their own essence, look, sometimes their own language. In this blog I was share with you some beautiful communities within Pakistan. By no means are these all of the beautiful ethnic groups; this is just the tip of the iceberg. So without further ado – welcome to Pakistan:

Hazara – Is a minority group in Pakistan. Their origins have been not been fully determined. It is believed by most that their physical attributes are that of Turkic and Mongol. Their genetics are a mixture of western and eastern traits. Here are a few photographs of the beautiful Hazara people.

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Kalash – Are an indigenous group of people who inhabit the Chitral District of Pakistan. They speak their own language called, Kalasha. They have their own religion, which is comparable to animism. Anthropologists have also heavily debated their origins. Their unique features and blue/green eyes are undoubtedly majestic.

[easy-image-collage id=2343]

Siddi – Also known as Sheedi or Habshi, are an ethnic group that inhabit areas of Pakistan. They are descendants of the Bantu people of Africa. Their gorgeous dark skin and curly hair, visibly differentiate them from other ethnic groups of Pakistan. They are known for their musical talent and excellence in sports.


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