The Must Watch Film For Girls: Moana

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Let’s face it, when it comes to family films, Disney has always been hitting it out of the park.

Moana Disney

However, the Disney Revival Era has been especially amazing of late, with themes dealing with female empowerment, racial discrimination, family.

Moana continues forward carrying this new trend, and here we see an adolescent female coming into terms with who she is. Moana doesn’t need a prince, she’s the daughter of the chief and is expected to care for and lead her people (no patriarchy), and most of all, throughout the film, nothing is forced upon her.

When she has a breakdown and deems herself to have failed in the great task of saving her people, her Gramma consoles her with how she should never have burdened her with a great task- and be proud of how far she has come already. “If you are ready to go home, I will go with you.”  There’s no blame placed on her and no great expectation. Moana is loved for who she is, she accepts the assigned task because she wants to, and she leads her people because she wants to.

The absence of a prince charming is refreshing, and the trust, responsibility, motivation and love placed on this adolescent girl is empowering, and endearing. A must watch for girls of all ages, take your niece/daughter/sister to watch the film and have a great time!

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