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I’ve been on a palette kick lately so I thought why not stay with the theme for another day. I cannot express enough how convenient these bad boys are! There are palettes for everything these days: eyeshadows, lips, contouring etc. We can thank Urban Decay for starting the palette fervor – bless up OG. Moving on, I am a woman that is always on the go so palettes are a lifesaver for me. All I have to do is throw a couple into my purse or suitcase and viola. The varieties of palettes are endless these days fitting for all budgets. This blog is dedicated to everyone, especially if you are jet-setter.

Which palettes are the best? The answer is, I don’t know. It all depends on your budget, but just because one is significantly cheaper does not mean it lacks in quality. This is why I wanted to share 4 budget friendly palettes; therefore you can make an educated decision of what works best for you. Without further ado, lets checkout the hottest palettes on the market and some of my personal favs.

Hard Candy Look Pro Eyeshadow Palette – Smoky Eyes (PKR 1,299) – All hail to Hard Candy! One of the best affordable brands on the market for sure. When they dropped this smoky eye palette a couple of years ago I go not resist buying it. Some of the best 1,300 rupees I have ever spent. The beautiful tin container has 9 shadows, black eyeliner, shadow applicator, and a primer. You will fall in love with these smoky hues, which range in color from shimmer white to forest green. The primer is the cherry on top because with one application of it your eyeshadow is not moving for at least 12 hours.

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W7 Cosmetics Lip Colour Palette – Lip Explosion (PKR 1,550) – If you are a fan of the Naked palette by Urban Decay then you are going to love it. W7 Cosmetics must have taken inspiration from the OG to create this alluring nude lip palette. This literal lip explosion contains 12 beautiful colors: 6 matte, 6 shimmer, all colors ranging from browns, pinks, nudes and copper. The consistency is pretty legit meaning that the formula is creamy and easy to apply. On top of that the colors are highly pigmented and extremely long lasting. I forgot to mention the bonus it comes with a double-ended applicator. 

NYX Love Contours All Palette (PKR 3,930) – NYX is like the cream of the crop when it comes to affordable makeup. Have you ever tried to contour and then got lost while trying to buy all the sculpting tools? Don’t worry you are not alone. No reason to fret anymore because NYX has created a palette containing all your contouring needs. To get perfect definition on your face there is everything you can think of and more within this compact. It includes: brown and nude eyeshadows, highlighting and contouring shades, and brow powders. This palette is for contouring and beyond.

E.L.F Beautifully Bare Natural Glow Face Palette – Fresh & Flawless (PKR 1,599) – Glow, shine, glimmer, shimmer, dewy, radiant, sparkle etc…are currently my favorite words. I want my makeup to make me shine bright like a diamond. There is no better way than this ELF palette. It contains bare bronzer, highlighter, and 2 beautiful blushes. You will glow like the ethereal goddess you are.

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