These are the hairstyle trends guaranteed to heat up your winter looks!

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Are you in need of some new hairstyles to spice up your daily routine? has just the thing to add to your holiday shopping list! 

Time for an 80’s throwback.

We’re talking Blondie-esque side parts, minus the sticky hairspray. According to Harper’s Bazaar writer Jenna Rosenstein, “Hair should be touchable.” I couldn’t agree more, Jenna. Couldn’t agree more.

Scrunchies are also back in the game. If you’re wanting to channel your inner Lizzo, snatch up a few of these material wonders (the sparklier, the better) and slap your hair up in a side ponytail. The 80’s was all about ponytails being anywhere but where they “normally” are. To the side, on top of the head, two or three ponytails; whatever your heart desires. Just be sure to add the scrunchie! has all of the hair products you need to create gorgeous, stylish looks this winter! Image Credit: Cosmopolitan.

To achieve either of these looks, you first need some good styling tools. I would recommend going for a multi-styler, like this BaByliss 8 in 1 Hair Styler. It features everything you need to straighten, crimp, curl and spiral your hair for one price.

PSA: Please do not start with the hottest setting, otherwise you risk damaging and even burning your hair. Especially with the straightener plates. I’ve seen it happen, and believe me, it is not pretty. On that note, I would not let any of these tools touch my hair without having some sort of heat protectant spray on my locks before hand. This Lisap Ultimate Spray Fluid available at is one that I recommend.

One thing I used to do when I bought a new iron or heat product was make an appointment with my local beauty shop and ask them to show me how to use it. Pro-Tip: be prepared to pay for your stylists’ time (which is the courteous and respectful thing to do), and be sure to give them a tip at the end of the session. Not only does this help your stylists keep their business going, but it gives you the opportunity for a long-lasting partnership. I’m always a fan of Youtube learning, but nothing beats the in-person experience and this helps your local economy and business owners as well.

Braids, braids, braids. New ones, that is.

This seems to be an “anything goes” trend. You can go full Wednesday Addams with the side part and mega shine., or you can channel your inner boho with some loose braids infused with fabric or ribbon scraps. It’s all about what you want to do with your hair, so anything goes.

I like to keep anti-frizz and hairspray on my dressing table when it comes to these looks. Evoluderm Hair Spray with Keratin (Extra Strong) is a great hairspray. Also, to tame that frizz, try E.L.F. Frizz Taming Hair Shine Sheets and Beaver Argan Oil Glimmer Shine Spray.


Inspired by the hit HBO show (and the gorgeous Kerry Washington), this hair trend infuses bright, vivid color into your locks. You can use neon hair accessories or bright, bold color locks.

Speaking of accessories…

The 90’s are back, and so are the bazillion hair accessories at once look. This seems to be the easiest trend to follow. Mix and match your favorite hair doo-dads, clips, barettes and more to create this fabulous look. has Beauty Advisors ready and waiting to answer your questions and help you create your perfect look. Simply choose the messenger option when visiting the site. If you need assistance or want to check out some of the other great products at, our Beauty Advisors are waiting to assist you! Message one of our Beauty Advisors via the homepage. is Pakistan’s premier online shopping destination for cosmetics, beauty products and makeup.






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