These Evoluderm Deodorants Stand Up to Serious Summer Stank and Sweat

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It’s hard to avoid sweat no matter what time of year it is, but in Pakistan’s unforgiving summer heat, it’s pretty much the pits. That is why arming yourselves with the right deodorant is the key to surviving the summer swelter without causing major body odor–especially if you are packed like sardines in overcrowded public transport or a summer concert. You see ladies, deodorants are products that work to mask underarm odor. They often contain a fragrance or perfume, along with an active ingredient called triclosan that is commonly used and works to prevent bacteria from growing, which in turn helps prevent odor. It’s important to note that deodorant is body-specific, so different people will react in different ways to different formulas. Luckily enough, Evoluderm, which just recently launched at J4G, is a French-made skin care line that carries an array of different deodorants for various needs.

Moreover, when attempting to make your existing skin care essentials less harmful to Mother Earth, it has been advised to first look at your DEO. Many formulas contain ingredients like parabens and aluminum, which, while effective for stopping odor, aren’t as kind for your skin or the planet. Yes, the thought of trading your current DEO stick for one that uses organic ingredients exclusively is an intimidating one, but Evoluderm’s range of deodorants is a green option that is as hardworking as it is gentle. Below are the best of the long-lasting, odor-fighting Evoluderm deodorants that will keep you dry and fresh all summer long:

  1. The Evoluderm Creamy Sweetness Deodorant is gentle and creamy with maximum protection for 24 hours. The cotton extracts are kind to the skin and the gentle cream deodorant is formulated without alcohol, leaving a layer of softness on the skin to keep it sweat and odor free throughout the course of a long summer day.
  2. The Evoluderm Alun/Orchid Deodorant and the Alun/Cotton Deodorant are both formulated with natural mineral called Alum Stone that offers 24 hours of protection and brings a feeling of freshness throughout the day. The orchid and cotton scents exalt the senses and give intense fresh pleasure even on the hottest, sweatiest, and stinkiest of days.
  3. We’ve all been there: you’re giving a presentation or on first date and instead of focusing on the moment at hand, all you can think of is, “Do I have sweat stains? Do I have those embarrassing white deodorant stains on my dress?” Well ladies, fret no more with the Evoluderm Anti-Stains Deodorant. It doesn’t stain your clothes with those yellow or white shields and controls excessive perspiration. It helps to keep you friable and odorless for up to 48 hours. Best of all, it is suitable for all skin types.
  4. The Evoluderm Acidulated Grenade Deodorant has an alcohol colorant free formula that gently cares for the skin while keeping body odor at bay. It is also free from aluminum salts and formulated for maximum effectiveness to be totally kind to the skin. The scent, with soft, sweet notes of pomegranate extract awakens the senses, providing a refreshing and clean feel with every single spray.

So ladies, protect the underarm area against excess moisture, odors, and chafing this summer season with the help of the top-rated Evoluderm deodorants. All of the deodorants from the range of Evoluderm deodorants mentioned above are available online on, if you’re looking to keep that stank and sweat away. So, let’s all say goodbye to B.O. once and for all and stop sweat stink it its tracks with Evolderm DEO.

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