These Newly Launched MUA Lipsticks Will Make Sure Your Lips Get ALL the Attention this Summer–They’re Hot, Hot, Hot

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It is hot in Pakistan…and ladies, it is about to get much hotter with J4G’s exclusive MUA lippie launch. We’re talking the newest MUA lip products and lipstick trends that are all about spotlighting your sexy lips for the summer season. You ladies won’t be reaching for dark or deep shades either–bright pops of color are what summer dreams are made of this season. Below are the newest MUA lip products that you ladies will be rocking throughout this heated summer season. Prepare yourself ladies–it’s about to get hot in here:

  • Pink knows no bounds when it comes to complexions. Whether it is magenta-tinted, lighter, or highly-pigmented, the MUA Super Stylo Satin Finish Lipstick in Major, Elite, Heroic, or First Class, this trend will suit all skin tones. Fuchsia is definitely trending at the moment, and the easiest way to incorporate it in a fun way–like on the lips! The MUA Super Stylo Satin Finish Lipsticks are full coverage, soft, and creamy. With a moisturizing feel, this luxurious lippie glides on with ease for a plush finish.



  • Instead of overwhelming yourselves with eyeshadow blending, contouring, and highlighting this summer, focus that energy on killing it with a bold lip. The MUA Intense Color Lip Liners in Sincere, So Chic, Diva, and Agenda all elevate your look–and your lips! The shades range from coral, fuchsia, and bright purples, which are as bold and daring as you can get. Best of all, they apply smoothly for enhanced definition and achieve precise results with an intense color finish.


So ladies, we’ve saved our brightest, most fun launches for this month of June. As the temperatures start to rise, we’ve got to match the heat with the hot makeup launches. If you ladies want in on the MUA lippie heat, then head to for exclusive access to the newly launched MUA Super Stylo Satin Finish Lipsticks and MUA Intense Color Lip Liners–all available for unbeatable prices. Rock your best, bold, and brightest lip worth obsessing over this summer!

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