This French Skincare Brand Is About Hit Pakistan – And We Are SO Ready!

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French women are always coined the ‘cool’ girls when it comes to fashion. Everything about their appearance is effortless, but looks so amazing. Their unforced hairstyles, their black on black clothes that look chic not gothic, and their skin – ugh how do they get it so radiant? While we think women in France all roll out of bed looking perfect, I now know behind the scenes there is a little more effort being put in. I have read troves of articles that gush on French girl coolness and their style. What I have a hard time finding is information about their skincare rituals. I know the answers to French skincare is out there and guess what, a leading French skincare brand is coming to Pakistan! Hands up, rejoice, we all are about to be glowing fireflies.

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I am so excited to introduce to you Evoluderm – a trés chic and affordable French/Parisian brand. Evoluderm is a family run business that specializes in hygiene and skincare trends. Since its inception 15 years ago the owners, Gabriel and Nathalie, had one mission to promote ‘Made in France’ skincare products at an affordable price to people all around the world. They have kept true to their ethos and Evoluderm is now available in over 60 countries bringing amazing French quality to all corners of the world at very affordable prices.

So how did the name Evoluderm come about? It is the combination of ‘evolution’ and the word ‘derm’. They took the first part ‘evo’ from evolution due to the brand constantly updating its items and evolving with the fast, current pace of today. And ‘derm’ is taken from the ancient Greek word for skin. They combined the two words and that’s how the world was introduced to Evoluderm.

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Why do we love Evoluderm? This brand is mega inclusive for all, women, men, children and babies. These products are made to work with all skin types, unbiased towards gender and safe for all.

We have some truly amazing Evoluderm products coming to in the very near future. There is everything available from hair care favorites such as dry shampoo, to body care: shower gels, oils, lotions, and deodorants. We didn’t forget about face care: eye makeup remover, toning lotion, micellar water, scrubs, wipes, and face masks.

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There is much more to share with you all about Evoluderm, but you are going to have to wait. So many more exciting products to introduce be sure to keep an eye on blogs for more info, release dates and specials.

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