This K-Beauty Brand Just Dropped In Pakistan

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Whenever I watch a K-Pop video or see Korean models I always end up ogling at them. Their hair and skin just always look so perfect, and can I just look like that for a hot sec? K-beauty burst onto the scene a few years ago, with its unconventional serums, and radical facial masks. It did not take long for the world over to jump on the K-beauty bandwagon; it has even surpassed Japanese beauty market. I am personally so excited for the shakeup in the beauty industry. With all these amazing serums and processes coming out of Korea it really pushes other cosmetic companies to think outside the box. If this were the Beauty Olympics then Korea would be donning the gold medal.

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K-beauty has had steady rise in Pakistan, especially in the last year or so. Korean masks are really dominating the scene. These masks are so catchy with their creative packaging and funky names. Whenever I see sheet masks with names like, Egg Essence and Gold & Ginseng, I am truly intrigued. We here in Pakistan want more than just Korean masks, and finally our prayers have been answered. Recently a complete K-beauty skin and hair care line has launched in Pakistan and it’s available exclusively at Just4Girls. I am talking about no other than cult favorite Missha.

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Can I just say that I love every product that Missha has on the Just4Girls’ site! What I love most about the line is that it is affordable without compromising the quality of the products. Missha’s philosophy: beauty products should be the highest quality ‘while maintaining value and affordability.’ Their mission is to give all its customers out of this world luminous skin with their products. So how can you get the ultimate glow using Missha’s products? Checkout my guide below:

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MISSHA Super Aqua Ice Tear Cream (PKR 1,850)If you need to pump some hydration into your skin, you have to try this cream. First off, the consistency is non-sticky and absorbs quickly into the skin. Can you believe this cream actually contains 10% Glacier Water? This amazing H20 ingredient delivers moisture deep into the layers of the skin, which leaves your skin feeling hydrated for hours. This cream is also rich in minerals, which makes it impossible not to love it.

 MISSHA Deep Cleansing Water (PKR 1,700) – If you are not about that oil-based life, you need to try this Deep Cleansing Water. Made for those folk who do not like oily cleansing products. This facial cleanser probably seems like it goes against all K-beauty ethos by not having an oil base, but it’s not. It is made from a plant origin water base, which offers a moist and thorough cleaning. The key ingredient is ‘MOISCLEAN’, a cleansing agent which removes debris from the skin while still keeping it supple.
MISSHA Time Revolution Vitality Eye Cream (PKR 3,700)Now that I am in my 30’s I need to help protecting the fine skin around my eyes. Please don’t come for me crows feet – you are not welcome! To combat, and lessen the appearance of fine lines around my eyes, I have been using this cream. It soothes and revitalizes rough, wrinkly, and tired looking skin. The rich formula is amazing and melts right in, creating a protective layer against pollutants. Try it! You will not be disappointed.
These are just a few of the products that are available on Just4Girls. Be sure to check out all the other hair care and skincare items.

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