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If you guys have not been able to tell I am on a beauty oil kick. I have always used oil in my hair, but never really ventured much more with it. Sometimes in the winter when my skin would legit get cray and flakey I would throw some vitamin E oil on dry patches. I used to believed that putting any kind of oil on my face would cause blemishes and clogged pores etc… I have changed my tune since then, and now know the power of beauty oils. I have to give credit to where credit is due – so thank you Korean beauty world. Your proven double-cleansing process really pushed me into the world of oils.

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For those of you not familiar with double cleansing, it is a two-step process of cleaning the face. First, using an oil to gently remove dirt/makeup then step two is using a traditional foaming cleanser to remove excess oil. You better believe the results are fabulous, with skin looking fresh and radiant and not tight. Now that I have raved about oils and how necessary they are to add to your beauty routine, it’s time to about the best ones. I have been teasing you all with Evoluderm, the amazing skincare line that is about to hit Pakistan and exclusively on Just4Girls. One of the coolest ranges they have is the Face, Body & Hair Beauty Oils. These bad boys are going to make you one fine glowing specimen. So without further ado check them out below:

Argan Oil –

If you are not familiar with argan it is a nut that is endemic to Morocco. Moroccans have used it for centuries in their diet, their day-to-day life, and beauty regimen. It was not long until the western countries caught on to the benefits of argan oil. This oil is great for moisturizing and fighting against tight, dry skin. It also nourishes limp, dried out hair. The smell is amazing with hints of clove, jasmine and vanilla.

Sweet Almond Oil –

This oil is perfect for the face and body. If you apply sweet almond oil you skin daily, it will start to feel more supple. Ideal for people with dry and itchy skin.
Jojoba Oil –

This oil is triple threat – great for hair, body, and face. Apply generously to the skin for nourishing effects, it also improves skins elasticity. If you have tangly unmanageable hair comb some jojoba oil through to make styling easier.

Carrot Oil –

Lovers of the sun, and beach bunnies this oil is essential to have in your travel bag. Especially if you love tanning, carrot oil revives your complexion and prepares your skin before it soaks up the sun. It is also a great oil to use as a replacement for after sun. The smell is so delicious with apple, white freesia and gourmand accord.

 Macadamia Oil –

You hair needing a pick-me-up, this oil is for you. It smoothens hair cuticles and helps contain flyaways. Also great for people who have sensitive skin and need a lighter oil.

Shea Butter Oil –

This oil nourishes and protects the epidermis from grime and dirt. The aroma is heavenly with vanilla, vanilla blossom and brown sugar.

These six beauty oils will legit become your best friend. Use one or use them all and tell you what you think! Email me at

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