This Straightening Brush is a Lazy Girl’s Styling Dream Come True

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What’s the one feature you can change on your body, that grows back – hair, obvs. The way you style it, cut it, and color it can completely transform the way you look. One of the biggest hair trends of fall 2017 is sleek, straight, and shiny hair. I am talking about early the 2000’s straight hair, when the CHI straighteners were making their way into beauty drawers across America. I was one of those girls back in 2003 taking the CHI with me to college making sure my hair had not one single curl in it, and that it laid flat on my head. Skip ahead now to the present 2017 – BAM – stick straight hair is back. It only took 14 years, but I am so happy this style is back on trend. I was born with straight hair, so for the past decade I have been curling, spraying, sea salting, and moussing my strands to be anything but straight. For the time being, my natural hair works with what’s on all the fashion runways. Even though my coif is straight, for the most part, I still have to run the straightener over it to give it a sleek look. These days I don’t have much time on my hands to wash, blow-dry, and then straighten. That is why I am beyond excited about the new straightening brushes that have hit the market. Rejoice all my lazy girls, we are about to make our daily routine even easier with this new product: Tyche Thermo Brush Straightener – PKR 2,899

What is this beautiful contraption, you must be wondering. It is a brush with a blow-drier essentially built in. This concept is not exactly new, but it is the first time that it truly works. Towel dry your wet hair once out of the shower, and then part into a few sections. Next plug this bad boy into the wall, turn it on, and start combing your hair like you would with any regular brush. Voilà – you have hair like the Balmain models straight off the runway.

Want to keep your locks looking healthy, sleek, and shiny throughout the day? Make sure to use the following products:

  • Tyche Heat Protector With Argan Oil – 80ml – PKR 650: Always start with a heat protector when using any kind of heated styling tool. This is so necessary because it creates a mini barrier between the hair and heat.

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