Three Makeup Brushes You Absolutely Need and Why

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Ever wonder what makeup brush does what? This article should shed some light on the subject! Image Courtesy photigy.

If you’re wondering which make-up brushes do what and if you really do need more than one, then you’re not alone. I didn’t realize the value of owning my own makeup brush kit until I was nearly in my thirties. I admit, I shied away from using them because I didn’t understand how to properly use them.

Makeup brushes are easier to use than it seems, but there are tried and true techniques which ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Here are three makeup brushes and what they can do for you!
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1. Foundation Brush

This is one of the most commonly owned and used brushes. It also tends to be under-estimated in a lot of ways. You can use this to apply your liquid and creme foundations, as well as concealer. Another way to amp up your foundation game is to put a drop of blending pigment ( like these Clinique BIY Blend It Yourself Pigment Drops) and three drops of foundation on a blending palette or the back of your clean hand. Use the brush to blend together as if you were blending colors for a painting. Then apply to the face.

I love this Real Techniques Blend and Blur Foundation Brush. It gives you a beautiful airbrushed technique and it’s really easy to work with if you’re a beginner.
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2. Blush Brush

This is a super versatile brush which can be used for blush, the medium it was created for, or for applying highlighters and or bronzers. Again, I recommend this Real Techniques Blend and Blur Cheek Brush. It can be used for blush and or highlighter, but it’s going to give you a soft, airbrushed finish. You can use it with powder or cream blushes. One of my favorite looks is the romantic soft blush look, and this is the perfect brush to guarantee that look.
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3. Contour Brush

You can use your blush brush for contouring, but it’s a good idea to have a separate brush so you don’t muddle colors and to cut down on having to clean your brush every single time you use it. This makes the process of applying makeup much faster and smoother. One thing I love about the Blend + Blur brushes is that they feature densely packed bristles in an oval head. The more dense the brush, the more control you’re going to have over the medium you’re using and the more flawless the finish. It’s sort of like the concept of “buffing.” Less dense bristles give more of a loose feel; these are going to truly give you an airbrushed or blurry look.

The key is to use circular motions which is why this brush is shaped the way it is, from the handle to the oval brush head. It gives you the most flexibility in movement.

To apply contour, use a color two shades darker than your skin tone and be sure to blend. Contouring is best when used underneath cheekbones, the jaw line, hair line and under the tip of the nose.

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