Tips on How to Keep Your Lips Beautiful and Healthy

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Following these easy tips will help keep your lips lovely, luxurious and healthy. Image Credit Adore Beauty.

Not too long ago, I was applying some gorgeous red lipstick and noticed I had large patches of dry, rough skin on my bottom lips. I pulled out a detail mirror and was pretty mortified to realize that I had neglected to exfoliate and moisturize my lips. They had become chapped, and as such, every bold lip color I tried to use ended up looking pasty, sticky and gross.

When lips have the right amount of moisture, they tend to naturally plump up, but they will shrink and dry out ( and crack ) when they’re dehydrated. This is particularly common in the colder months, when there are more gusts of wind and less moisture in the air. Also, the skin on our lips is much thinner than any other skin on our body. This is why the blood vessels are more visible and why our lips naturally look pink, red or peach. Our lips also do not have oil glands, so they are often the first to dry out, according to

If this has happened to you too, don’t worry. There’s an easy fix to dry, chapped lips. Here are some tips on how to keep your lips healthy, hydrated and gorgeous.

  1. Drink more water. Seems really simplistic, but I can’t stress this enough. If you can drink eight to ten glasses of water a day, it’s going to keep your skin in general healthier, especially your lips.
  2. Use Lip Balms. Seriously. These are your best friend. I use them underneath my lipsticks, and before I go to bed each night. It’s a good way to ensure that we can keep our lips hydrated and moisturized. I definitely recommend the entire Maybelline Baby Lips line, Burt’s Bees and EOS for balms that truly deliver.
  3. Exfoliate once or twice a week. You definitely don’t want to over do it, because you can damage your lips. I would say no more than twice a week. You can use a simple sugar scrub for this, or buy a good lip exfoliator.

If you’re unsure of what lip balms to start out with, I definitely recommend Maybelline’s Baby Lips line. The cool thing about these is not only do they hydrate and keep your lips smooth and moisturized, but they have a slight tint to them also. I’ve become a huge fan of nude lips with slight color lately. I’ve been a fan ever since I worked for a makeup counter and learned this technique from my counter-mate. Using a lip balm with an amped up-eyeshadow look is one of the most gorgeous and dramatic ways to wear makeup. It has definitely become my go to.

My favorite Maybelline Baby Lips Blends are Electro Berry Balm, and My Pink. They’re both just too cute for words and I love them to death. I also love Berry Sherbert and Rose Addict. All of these can be purchased at! I definitely recommend collecting them all!






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