Travel in Style with Anastasia Beverly Mini Liquid Lipstick Set

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Traveling is about indulging. So, treat yourself with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick Set. The gorgeous trio of liquid lipstick are travel friendly, boasting a comfortable matte formula, full of coverage, and with a beautifully pigmented finish. The shades are classically feminine and basically irresistible. There is a rich, slightly rusted red called Dazed, deep cocoa meets mauve called Bittersweet, and stunning dusky rose crossed with peach called Hudson–the latter of the two are two fresh new shades. Each comes with a rounded applicator for effortless precision, lining, and filling lips perfectly.

The trio of lipsticks are housed in a slide out drawer of a rose gold and black packaged box, so you can start your travels out feeling just as luxurious as the packaging looks. The actual liquid lipstick packaging is in a handy clear plastic tube (so you can see the colors clearly), with a silver lid which has a flat, round ended, and as mentioned before, a doe foot applicator wand that works well for filling out the lips. There is also a rose gold band at the top of the clear tubes before the silver lids, which is a staple for ABH Liquid Lipsticks. In terms of pigmentation, all 3 of the liquid lipsticks are consistently high in pigmentation, with no traces of patchiness and dryness. The liquid lipsticks dry with a powdery matte finish and all set to a darker color. Here is a breakdown of the 3 stunning shades:

  1. Hudson, which is an exclusive shade, is described as a dusky rose deep peach by ABH. Once applied, it definitely gives off a light-brown nudish shade. I applied the liquid lipstick to the center of the bottom lip and worked my way out towards the lip line. I then repeated the process by applying to the center of the top lip and then worked my way in towards the lip line. To perfect the application, I paired the liquid lipstick with a closely matched lip liner.
  2. Bittersweet, which is another exclusive shade, is described by ABH as a swiss chocolate mauve. This brown shade is perfect for those with medium to darker skin tones. It goes on chocolatey brown but sets to an almost purple tinged brown, which is such a beautiful finish on brown skin.
  3. Dazed is the only shade in the set that is in the permanent full size range. ABH describes the shade as a rusty redwood. It actually goes on almost strawberry red but sets as a brick red/browny red shade which makes it less statement-y but enough to give it the red wow factor. The texture is more on the moussey side but the consistency definitely helps with longevity!

ABH Liquid Lipsticks have taken the liquid lipstick world for a whirlwind in the past year or so. I totally get it! Best of all, we can now all travel in luxury and style with the Anastasia Beverly Mini Liquid Lipstick Set. They are great for travelling since they are so long-lasting and transfer proof. I high key love how all three shades are dark lip friendly, which is such a personal win. So, before you jetsetters set off to your next destination, checkout for the ABH Mini Liquid Lipstick Set.

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