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During the last year we have seen different types of crazy makeup tutorials from the weird to the wonderful time saving trends. Well now we’ve come across the crazy hack of the year – Filling in your brows in different ways. We will see how we can do our brows in different ways. We came across many trends such as:

  1. Soap brows
  2. The Dewy Brow
  3. The Shadow Effect

Soap Brows:

I’m pretty lucky to be blessed with bushy eyebrows, so the first time I heard about the new trend “soap brows”. I didn’t pay attention to it. Because I rarely fill in my brows. The technique first went viral on Instagram in 2016, but all thanks to TikTok, beauty trends that were old are now new again. And soap brows are having a revival. The idea behind the trend is exactly how it sounds: Instead of using a brow gel, you use a bar of soap to shape and set your brows in place. Putting soap brows into practice is actually quite simple. All you need is a bar of soap (something clear) a disposable spoolie brush, and some water or setting spray. Just wet your brush and lightly drag it across the soap. The waxy texture of the soap feathers the hair and gives the illusion of thicker brows. The technique is best suited to those with naturally full and dark brows. That’s not to say sparse brows can’t benefit, but they may still require some filling in afterwards.

Dewy Brows:

If you want the dewy brows, this is exactly what you need to do to achieve this look. Brush through your brows and grab yourself a wax pencil, any colorless wax pencil will do the job, such as Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Primer or any other eyebrow wax gel and stroke over your brow hairs with it, generously. Once your hairs are shiny and waxed up, grab a clear setting gel and apply it on the brows. To make it set add a dewy makeup setting spray and it will give the look dewy natural finish. You can also add a little glitter on top of it to give it a nice shinny look.

The Shadow Effect:

Shadow brows sound great for thinner eyebrows, but I was a little worried it would be too much for my already full ones. Shadow brows are achieved using a makeup technique that creates a diffused shadow within the brows resulting in natural-looking fullness. To achieve this look. We recommend a natural-bristle brush, to better pick up the powder and a spoolie to blend everything out, which I found was crucial for getting a seamless look. Begin by filling in the area you want to be the focal point of your brows. Whether you want a sharp tail, a strong start to your brow or a more defined arch, that’s where you should start applying your product and then just fill in any sparse areas from there. Finishing off your look by brushing a clean spoolie through your hairs as this will help to soften your product application, diffusing it out while helping to tame unruly hairs. The general rule of thumb is to go one shade lighter than your natural hair colour. When creating a shadow brow look, going lighter will provide a softer effect on the skin under your hair. Since the powder is there to mimic dimension, when using a slightly lighter shade, you can create that dimension and shadow between the combination of product and your brow hairs
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