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Applying cream blush isn’t as tricky as it seems. Image courtesy Afrizap.

If you’ve never used cream blush and feel a little intimidated by it, you’re not alone. There’s nothing like trying a product which can be very unforgiving if too much is used and then having to wipe your face clean and start all over again. I think we have all been there at some point.

The good news is, cream blush is easier to use than we think it is and it can take our overall look to an entirely different level. Once you learn the basics of how to use this wonder product, it will be difficult to imagine life without it.
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Cream blush can be used for any skin type

Oily and worried that it’s going to grease out your skin? Worried that it will flake up on dry skin and look like something out of a zombie movie? Worried it might appear too dark on fair skin or get lost on darker tones?

Trust me, once you learn how to use this, all of those worries will disappear. As many of you know who have read my articles, I’m very oily. Because of this, I shied away from using pretty much cream anything ( foundation, contour sticks, blushers, highlighters ) because I had this misconception that it would slide right off of my face and possibly cause breakouts.

What I’ve learned is that using cream blush actually works better for me than the powder blushes. It lasts longer, gives me a more natural glow and it doesn’t cause clogged pores or bumpy patches on my skin. I probably would have never even tried this life-changing product if I hadn’t been educated on what cream blush was or what it could do for me.
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Apply with fingers, a blending sponge or a stippling brush for maximum glow

The key to this product is blending. You can’t just swipe this on your cheeks and then go if you’re wanting a rosy, natural glow.

Once you’ve applied the product, then blend from the middle out with your tool of choice. The object is to create a “gradient” effect where the color fades into your cheeks, creating a seamless and natural look.
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Place your “dots” of product on both cheeks at the same time before blending

Dab on a small amount on both apples of your cheeks. I say dab at the same time because you can make sure both sides have the same amount of product. It’s better to do this step before blending, because there’s nothing worse than getting one cheek down pat and then the next one looks either too light or too dark and you have to end up starting over.

If you get your product on the cheeks at the same time ( and this concept can be applied to concealer, highlighter and contour ), then you’re starting on an even foot with your entire face.
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Foundation covers a multitude of wrongs

If, by chance, you get a little too much product, then use foundation to buff and blend until everything looks more even keeled.

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