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Shop Eyebrow Products at Just4Girls.pk. Image Credit:@HollyJoy via Twenty20.

I didn’t start really focusing on brow shape until I was maybe in my early to mid-twenties. That was in the early aughts and the tadpole brows were in style then. I was young and didn’t know or understand the value of shaping my brows to compliment my face shape; I just wanted to follow a trend.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with following a trend, but I do think when it comes to brows, you can both keep up with the times while staying true to the framing of your face. I have a heart shaped face, and depending on the season, my face can be very sharp and angular. My eyes are fairly open and large, so I found that thinning my brows down dramatically sort of took away from my naturally large brown eyes. It seemed to throw my entire symmetry off and it made my forehead look larger.

There are ways to find out the natural shape of your brows. According to the Elle article “Eyebrow shaping tips,” you can use your tweezers as a guide to start. Alight the tweezer from the top bridge of your nose to the top of your brows. That is where your eyebrow naturally starts. Finding your arch is easy as well; take your finger and lightly lift up your arch. This helps you decide how much of an arch you want. If you want higher, lift your brows with your finger a tad more.

I tend to keep a natural, relaxed arch. I find it is more appealing and it keeps the tail of my brow from getting too thin. I made that mistake once when I waxed too close and it was a real pain trying to fill in the brow where I had over-waxed.

Tweezers are good for removing stray hairs, but I like to use pre-made wax strips to shape my arch. Just4Girls.pk has a great selection of wax strips from EU:

  1. EU Wax Strips Cucumber: If you’re just starting out, I would go with the cucumber ones. Cucumber is known for soothing and hydrating.
  2. EU Wax Strips Lavender: Lavender is also very soothing and fragrant. You can use this for your eyebrows, upper lip and chin area if you so choose.

How do you determine how to use the wax strip? What I usually do is take a small pair of cuticle scissors and trim the wax strip to the shape of the arch I want to create. You can do this freehand or you can use a template. Then I apply the cut part of the strip (the one that looks like a little hill or arch) to remove the unwanted hair. Usually I don’t have to go back and use more than one strip; it gets it all the first time.

You can also trim wax strips to remove hair from the bridge of your nose between your brows. I would just make sure to get my cut really even so you don’t have one brow that looks longer than the other. You definitely want to measure and then cut the strip at an angle.

Once you’re done with the hair removal part (if you decide to go that route), then you’re ready for the shaping part.

First, it is good to know the different types of eyebrow shapes and what facial types they match up with the best. This article from Good Housekeeping called “Eyebrow Shapes” details the different types of brows and how to find the right brow shape for you.

One tip the article recommends is finding a brow shape that is the opposite of your actual face shape. Long faces should go for low-lying arches and straight, elongated brows. Round faces should stick with high arches; this helps open your face up. Square face shapes are best matched with soft arches. Triangle and Heart shapes should have slightly fuller and wider brows.

Cosmopolitan also has 15  Insanely Easy Ways to get your Best Brow look:

  1. According to the article, you shouldn’t overpluck. Trust me, this one is legitimate, because I have committed this faux pas in the past. That’s why tweezers are really better for getting those little stray hairs here and there but not really recommended for the actual shaping part.
  2. Pick the products that are best for you. Some people do better with pomeades, others with pencils and palettes. You can also use eyebrow brushes and spoolies; it depends on what you’re trying to do and what look you’re trying to accomplish.
  3. Threading is another way to get rid of all of those little rogue hairs, but I’m going to be honest, it kind of hurts. It’s like tweezing all at once, but it does remove little fine hairs and gives you a more precise look.
  4. Use stencils. Seriously. There is no shame in using stencils, whether you are a beginner or an expert. When I was in art school, one of our assignments was to literally trace an image and then fill in our own detail. I thought it was cheating, but turns out, lots of artists use this technique and it helps keep proportions intact and helps you draft pieces sooner. Same thing applies to brows.
  5. Use a flicking motion to apply brow products. What is a flicking motion? It means to gently flick your product across your brows rather than drawing a super harsh line. Why? Because that line is going to end up being the star of your makeup look, and it might not be the best for the rest of your makeup. Use the flicking motion in the direction of your hair growth, and your results will look softer and more natural.
  6. Don’t overextend the tail. Please, please, please do not do this unless you are exaggerating your makeup for film or stage. It is going to throw your entire proportion out of whack and you will look like a cartoon.
  7. Your arch should be believable. Again, I’m not a fan of the over-done arches. Unless you’re on stage, shooting a film, or doing wedding makeup. Too much brow takes away from the rest of your makeup.  Every day brows should be soft and simple.
  8. Buff those brows! Take your little spoolie and buff back and forth. This gives you a more natural fade.
  9. Shape your brows: Big, bushy brows are in right now. Use a brow pomeade to fill in and add depth, then buff back and forth. Super beautiful and chic.
  10. Fill in any little gaps or sparse areas. If you have overplucked here and there (like we all have), just use some pomeade or a little pencil to fill in the gaps.
  11. Here’s one I’ve been using since my Estee Lauder Days: Use Concealer below your brows rather than highlighter. This helps you retain a more natural, easy-going look. You can  always add highlighter if you want, but I personally prefer the concealer.
  12. Start light and then build up your look. I recommend this with all products; start off with a light application then gradually build up your brows. You should be using products that are your brow shade or one shade lighter, not darker. Too dark can throw off the rest of your makeup and make your face seem out of proportion.
  13. Start at the center of the brow then work outward. This also gives a natural fade to the front and the tail of your brow, just like your natural brows look.
  14. Mix brow colors. Our hair isn’t naturally just one shade; it’s many shades. Use different corresponding shades on your brows to create depth and dimension.
  15. Blend, blend, blend, blend. Blending is a huge way to ensure your product is going to have the most natural look.

I think those tips are super easy, and really great for reference. Now that we have gone over some of the ways you can shape your brows, it’s time for the fun part! Products! If you’re not already using products, I’ve compiled a list of some really great products that you can use.

Just4Girls.pk has a great selection of brow enhancers available in various types and formulas. Here are a few of the great products available on the site and how they work:

  1. Makeup Revolution Relove Colour Cult Brow Palette: Brow palettes are one of the most used eyebrow products on the market. People love them because they are easy to use, portable and have everything you need in an all in one handy compact. This set comes with two shades of brown, a light color for highlighting underneath the arch (where the brow bone is) and setting wax. Using this kit is super easy and simple. First, you’ll shape your brows with the wax (which is going to lock those little hairs right in place). Then you use the lighter brown as a base shade, and add the darker in to create shadow and depth. I use the darker shades in my kit along the bottom of my browline and then blend together with my spoolie. Use the lighter shade underneath the arch and above your brows to create highlight and dimension. When you’re done, you can reapply the setting wax if desired to help your brows keep their shape.
  2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Skinny Brow Pencil: ABH brow products are cult classics and you can’t go wrong with the skinny pencil. You have a skinny pencil to tightline your brows and to also fill them in with. Use the spoolie to blend your color in with your natural brow.
  3. Benefit Big Glam Deal Set: I love anything Benefit Cosmetics and this is a really great kit that gives you a quality brow product plus a mini mascara. Benefit’s Gimmie Brow is a tinted eyebrow gel to volumize brows, which is super handy and easy to use. Plus, it fits perfectly in a purse or commuter bag. Use the “They’re Real” mascara to give your eyelashes a plump, long, sexy look.
  4. ELF Brow Pencil: ELF is known for offering budget friendly, yet high quality products. I have used this pencil before, and you get a lot for your money. I like how one side is the pencil for shaping and filling, and the other is a spoolie. One trick I learned if you want a super natural brow, lightly fill the inside of your brows with color, then take your spoolie and brush your brows from side to side. This blends the color and gives your natural brow a full boost of color. To finish, brush your brows upward with the spoolie. Takes maybe two or three minutes and looks absolutely gorgeous.
  5. It Cosmetics Brow Powder Pencil: I always have one of these in my purse. I love the brow powder, and the spoolie is amazing. To be honest, even long after the brow powder is gone, I still use that little spoolie. This formula goes on very smoothly and blends effortlessly.
  6. W7 Cosmetics Brow Master Stencil Kit: If you’re just starting out and you’re not sure if you want to shape without a guide for the first time, then pick up one of these kits. Very reasonably priced, and it comes with four reusable stencils. I would use the medium arch to start off with, mainly because it’s more neutral and closer to your natural eyebrow shape. Later on, you can decide if you want to make your arch higher, or slim your eyebrows, but to begin with, less is definitely more. Eyebrows can take a good long while to grow back, so the last thing you want to do is take off more than you really want at first.
  7. MUA Mascara Brow Define Tinted: I love MUA products, and this is a really great budget friendly brow tint which can also be carried easily in a purse or commuter bag. MUA’s product has a small brush which allows you to create precise, defined looks.

What did you think? Are you ready to show off your brow looks? Still need some guidance? Jaweria Artistry, is ready to answer all of your brow questions and help you get your perfect look. Drop her a line today on Insta, or Message her on Just4Girls.pk!

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