Which MUA Foundation will become YOUR new best friend?

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If you’re looking for a great foundation for an extremely reasonable price, then head on over to Just4Girls.pk and check out all of the great MUA foundation formulas available on the site!

Shopping for Foundations can be mind-boggling, especially if you don’t quite know where to start. Fear not, finding the best foundation and formula doesn’t have to be a huge chore. Just4Girls.pk has a wide variety of authentic brands, including British based-brand MUA. In fact, this entire article is going to focus on all of the great MUA Foundations available on the site, so get your shopping cart ready because I guarantee you’ll find your perfect match with MUA.

  1. MUA Pro Base Long Wear Matte Finish Foundation: This long, wearing formula is parables free and infused with Vitamin E. Not only is it long-wearing, it’s mattifying so you can rest assured that your selfies and Insta-posts will be shine-free. Available in a wide variety of shades, this is the formula I would definitely recommend you try first. There are so many great reviews all over the internet about this product as well, so it’s definitely a fan-fave. Available exclusively at pk!
  2. MUA Pro Custom Colour Foundation Mixer: Apply a drop or two of this to the back of your hand and mix with your favorite foundation in order to make the formula lighter, darker, cooler or warmer. Available exclusively at pk!
  3. MUA Skin Define Hydro Foundation: This is a great formula for those with extra dry skin. The hydrating, long wearing formula fights against dryness to keep your skin radiant all day long.
  4. MUA Pro Base Soothe and Cool Primer Stick: You’ll definitely want to add one of these to your shopping cart in order to maximize the wear and appearance of your new foundation. This formula also reduces puffiness and soothes tired skin.
  5. MUA Pro Base Full Cover Concealer: The perfect companion to the Long Wear Matte Finish Foundation, you most definitely want to put one of these in your shopping cart. Bonus: this creamy formula is long wearing and full coverage.
  6. MUA Pro Base Full Coverage Matte Powder: I’m a full supporter of every girl having some sort of finishing product in her makeup arsenal. Finishing powders are as essential as foundations, in my opinion, and this is a lovely powder to complete your gorgeous MUA look. Available in a wide variety of shades, this formula helps blot away oil and control shine.
  7. MUA Makeup Blending Sponge: The right tools are essential when it comes to creating a perfect Foundation look. You most definitely want to put one of these in your cart during your online makeup shopping quest.
  8. MUA Brow Professional Complete Kit: One of the best compliments to a perfectly done foundation application are beautiful brows. This is a great all-in one kit, available at pk.


Be sure to stop over at Just4Girls.pk and check out all of the great sales we have going on! Hurry, quantities are limited! Just4Girls is Pakistan’s premier online cosmetics shopping portal; everything you need is simply a click away!







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