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It seems like the 2000s is all about makeup and makeup tutorials and the makeup industry is flourishing almost in all the parts of the world, amongst all the ages. Pakistan in the last 10 to 15 years has seen a significant rise in the demand for cosmetics specifically international brands like Maybelline, MUA, Makeup Revolution etc and so to cater this demand stepped in a lot of retailers providing all of these products in double the prices. To save the day for all us makeup junkies came in https://www.just4girls.pk/blog/ who not only provide guaranteed original products but also pocket friendly products.

Now, keeping up with the latest trends, pops another question in the mind of every Muslim around the globe; whether the cosmetic we’re using is halal or not?  

Nowadays more women seem to be aware of the ingredients used in their makeup products and most of the brands that we use; both cosmetic and skincare include ingredients like pork gelatin, collagen, alcohol and fat from animals that have not been slaughtered the Islamic way, hence not permissible to use. Moreover, individuals that are more environmentally conscious and vegan wouldn’t want to use products that are been tested on animals or derived from animal fat ergo the increase in the market for halal cosmetics globally. Also, all these products are not permeable to water, so as to making a person’s ablution invalid.

To overcome this dilemma companies started to manufacture products that did not contain animal derived ingredients that were not slaughtered the Islamic way, alcohol or were tested on animals.  These products are not only used by Muslims but also non- Muslims who are more environmentally responsible and prefer “cruelty-free” products. In Pakistan brands like Atiqa Odho and Masarrat Misbah upped their game and introduced Halal cosmetic in the region. Both of the brands are easily available on https://www.just4girls.pk/blog/

The halal cosmetic business is estimated to be worth $560 million globally and with the increasing demand and awareness, halal cosmetic is definitely the next big thing.



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