Why women everywhere can’t get enough of Beauty Blender!

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The Beauty Blender is one of the most revolutionary beauty tools created. Ever. Created by a single mom, this Latina owned business continues to dominate the industry.

Rea Ann Silva created the Beauty Blender out of necessity while working on the set of the TV show Girlfriends. She was looking for a quick way to create an air-brushed foundation look. When her colleagues and friends started requesting she make sponges for them also, she decided it was time to go into business.

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That venture paid off, and Beauty Blender is now the most iconic, known beauty tool on the market. The hot pink egg is recognizable and used by makeup artists all over the world.

Just4Girls.pk has a fabulous selection of Beauty Blender products available on the site.

  1. Beauty Blender Original Pink Beauty Blender + Mini Solid Cleanser Set: If you’re just getting started with this brand, I would go with the product that started it all. This set comes with an original Beauty Blender, plus a mini version of Beauty Blender solid cleanser.
  2. Beauty Blender Beauty Blusher: Same shape, same quality but mid-sized for your cheeks. This is for all of those out there who like an airbrushed quality when it comes to your blush. The color is also different so you can see the product on the applicator.
  3. Beauty Blender Micro Mini Set of 2: These are amazing for applying eyeshadows, concealer, even for brows and other small areas of precision. I’ve even used these minis in my contouring and highlighting (mainly my nose area), and they produce fabulous results. You’ll want to have quite a few of these for different shades and products.
  4. Beautyblender Liquid Cleanser: If you’re going to invest in one of these products, I highly recommend buying the cleanser to go with it. This cleanser is formulated to cleanse and sanitize your tool without breaking down the blender itself. The last thing you want to do is invest in a high-quality applicator and then use harsh cleansers on it (which could very well eat away at the material and damage your sponge).
  5. Beauty Blender Keep It Clean Set: This flexible cleansing pad has a textured surface created specifically for safely scrubbing your Beauty Blender. Again, its best to invest on the tools created by the company which sells the sponge in order to preserve your product. The Beauty Blender isn’t your average makeup sponge, so you definitely don’t want to purchase less than average cleansing tools which could rip, tear or destroy your investment. This set also comes with Beauty Blender’s solid cleanser, so this is a great deal.
  6. Beauty Blender Solid Blender Cleanser: Created just for your Beauty Blender, this I a gentle, sponge and brush cleanser which is both convenient and portable. The formula contains coconut and sustainable palm oils, so it is gentle enough to be used on a daily basis. As I said before, the best way to start out with the Beauty Blender is to buy the products to help you protect your investment.
  7. Beauty Blender Liner Designer: If you struggle with getting your eyeliner just right, then this is the tool for you. Featuring a triple edged eyeliner tool, this gives you a guide to create even wings and lines. You can use it with any eyeliner formula.
  8. Beauty Blender Pro On The Go Set: If you want to jump right in, I suggest you purchase this kit to start off with. It comes with two Beauty Blenders in black and hot pink, a black mini Beauty Blender, a mini Solid Pro cleanser and Blotterazzi Pro. The Blotterazzi is a reusable shine-control tool which eliminates the need for blotting papers. Keep this in your purse and use it to control shine and absorb excess oil throughout the day. It is shaped to fit all contours of the face.


Not sure which Beauty Blender is right for you? Reach out to one of our Beauty Advisors via the Just4Girls.pk homepage. Just4Girls.pk is Pakistan’s premier online shopping destination for cosmetics, beauty products and makeup.






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