Why You Should Be Using A Cleansing Balm

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Cleansing balm is the one product that you should add to your beauty routine. By adding this one product you can eliminate a ton of unnecessary and repetitive steps skincare routine. I speak one hundred percent truth when I say you can replace your, bar, liquid and wipes with a cleansing balm. Traditional face wash and cleansers leave your face feeling super tight and dried out. That’s not a feeling that most of us can get down with. Insert – cleansing balm, a rich, nourishing product that leaves the face feeling squeaking clean without all the dryness.

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Most beauty gurus recommend that cleansing balm be used in winter because that’s when skin is dry/flakey and needs extra TLC. Having said, from personal experience it can be used throughout the whole year. This past month I went traveling around Europe and bounced between cold and hot countries. Like I went from nippy Denmark to scorching hot Albania. The balm worked wonders! I only packed 3 skincare items: cleansing balm, foaming cleanser and sunscreen. These three items were more than enough and had my skin looking on point! In the cold countries I visited like Netherlands and the U.K. my skin was getting dry and the last thing I wanted to do was strip more natural oils away. When I would come home from a night out I would massage this goodness into my face and get all the caked on makeup off. In the hot countries like Malta and Greece my skin did a 180, the scorching sun literally burned my face even through the sunscreen. I started peeling, me a brown girl, peeling — how?! It happened though. Nothing felt better than cleansing balm when stripping off the days grime and soothing my tender burnt skin.

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What Exactly Is Cleansing Balm?

They are rich, creamy, oil based cleansers that come in a tub. They work effectively and efficiently by doing two jobs in one. The creamy, easily dissolvable texture removes dirt and debris from your face without drying it out. Using the balm helps protect the natural oil your skin produces.

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How Are They Made?

All balms are created differently, but the main ingredient is oil. If you have sensitive skin choose a balm that contains chamomile and lavender. If you have acne prone skin use a balm that has anti-bacterial properties, such as tea tree and lemon. There are many varieties from organic to all natural. Pick one that caters to your skincare needs.


How To Use It?

Always start with a dry face. You do not need to remove makeup before you use a cleansing balm. Major key – the oils in the balm need to interact with the oils on your face and makeup to start dissolving it away. The balm must be solid, so always store it in a cool, dry place. Take about a teaspoon size dollop out, enough to cover your face thoroughly. Warm the balm in your palm to melt it down a bit and that start spreading it around your face in a circular motion. A little helpful tip, balm your eyes and lips last if you have makeup on. I suggest this because when the makeup is dissolving off you don’t want to spread it all over if you don’t have to. Once your have cleansed your face with the balm its’ time to remove the remnants. Take a soft muslin cloth or washcloth and drench it in warm water. Gently remove all pollutants off your face. Lastly, pat your face dry and  – voilà – a beautifully clean face that is soft and supple.

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If you use any cleansing balm that you think deserves a shoutout holler at me: sadaf@just4girls.pk/blog.


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