Why You Should Stop Washing Your Hair Everyday

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I was born with thick black Pakistani hair. This is a blessing for a scalp and a curse for the rest of body. Thick strong hair on my head gets me all the compliments in the world, but if I have any slight hint of a unibrow everyone is hatin’. Okay, all jokes aside, I haven’t had a unibrow since 7th grade and I also don’t have black hair anymore – it’s bleached icy white/blonde. Turning my jet-black hair platinum blonde was a process if there was any. It took nine hours, but my incredible hairstylist, Jennifer, accomplished the near impossible. After spending half a day with her she hit me with the truth; my hair is now very fragile like a notch away from damaged. She said that I should only attempt to wash my hair once a week. Then she jumped into a whole slew of reasons why over washing hair is incredibly damaging and actually unnecessary.

I found what Jennifer said to be so helpful that I wanted to share with you all the negative effects of washing your hair daily.

It dries out your scalp

Hot water and over washing causes your scalp to lose its natural oils. When this happens dandruff can occur. Ew! No wants that, so try to use warm water verses hot water and cut back on the washing in general. If you have dandruff try: BEAVER Lecithin Anti Dandaruff Shampoo (PKR 1,700).

Beaver Lecithin Anti Dandruff Shampoo

It causes more split ends –

When you over wash your hair not only does it dry out your scalp but also the hair itself. As stated in StyleCaster, when you wash hair on a daily basis there is not enough time for the natural oils to replenish. This causes brittle, crunchy hair and split ends. If you have split ends use a shampoo that will recharge your hair, such as: Beaver Argan Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo (PKR 1,550).

Beaver Argan Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo

It fades your color faster –

If you dye your hair you have to stop washing you hair daily. When you wash your hair you not only strip the oils but also hair dye. Like I said earlier I have black hair that is died icy blonde. I have had to limit myself to washing my hair once a week because if my toner fades I’m going to look like a fresh baby chicken. Use color protector shampoo, I swear by: Framesi-Color Lover Shampoo Volumizing (PKR 1,050).

Framesi Color Lover Volumizing Shampoo

It Dulls Shiny Locks –

Washing your hair daily causes your locks to look limp, lifeless and shine-less. Limit your washes in order to prevent this. To add health and shine back use: Palmers Olive Oil Formula Conditioning Spray Oil (PKR 490). This spray works wonders and helps condition hair, spray on wet or dry hair.

Palmers Olive Formula Conditioning Spray Oil

Dirty hair is easier to style –

If you have stick straight hair like me it is impossible to hold a curl. Easy fix, don’t wash your hair for a couple of days and let it get a little grimy. If it is too greasy hit it with some dry shampoo: Batiste Gorgeous Hair Dry Shampoo (PKR 599).

Batiste Dry Shampoo – Tropical



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