Yes, You Really Should Be Using a Primer!

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I didn’t know what a primer was or what I needed them for until I both worked for a Cosmetics counter and had learned to use them in my artwork.

Most people I’ve spoken to (myself included) have initially shyed away from primers because they’re seen as unnecessary extras that salespeople promote to beef up their sales figures. 

Honestly, this is true when it comes to some sales persons. I’ve seen more than one beauty advisor who has added on an expensive primer that the customer truly didn’t need in order to make more commission. That is a very underhanded sales technique and I don’t approve of it or use it. 

However, primers are necessary and not only are they worth it, but they can extend the wear of your product and enhance your overall look and design. Think of a primer as an added piece of insurance to protect your makeup investment. We spend our hard earned money on palettes, foundation, lip color and mascara, and I personally want to get every penny’s worth of what I paid for out of my products. That’s why I go the extra mile and keep primers as part of my daily routine. 

Here are the most common primers that I use, why and brands that I love and trust:

  1. Facial Primer: if you’re wearing foundation, then you definitely want to invest in one of these. The key is to find a formula that works with your skin type. I’m oily, so I’m going to go with a formula that mattifies. You also want to find a formula that doesn’t aggravate any allergies or clash with your skin. Makeup Revolution’s Blur Primer is a great affordable product I love. Maybelline’s Superstay 24h PrimerMaybelline Pore Minimizing Master Prime Primer, and L’Oreal’s Infallible Mattifying Primer are some other great budget conscious choices. 
  2. Eyeshadow primer: this is one of the formulas I had a really hard time coming around to. I really thought it was just a gimmick. However, once I finally used one, I realized it was anything but. It does make your eyeshadow pop more and wear longer. There are all kinds of formulas and even tinted ones depending on your needs. Hard Candy’s Eyes the Limit Eyeshadow Primer in Champagne is a gorgeous, budget friendly product. MUA’s Eye Primers in Bright & Lighten ( for lighter shadows ) and Smoke & Smoulder (for darker, sultry shades )are both great picks. If you’re planning on rocking out some really bright colors ( neons are poised to become the biggest next trend for 2019, by the way ), you’ll get much more of a dynamic effect if you apply an eyeshadow primer before you pack on your color.
  3. Mascara primer: yes, very important. Using a lash primer like Tarte multiplEYE lash enhancing primer and Cailyn Volumizing lash primer will help  prevent your mascara from clumping, helps it wear longer and appear more vivid. If you’re using a colored mascara, then I would definitely say that a primer is a must. 
  4. Lip Primer: This makes all the difference in how well your favorite lippie looks. One of my favorites is this Colourpop Lippie Stix Primer. Another good choice is Luscious Cosmetics’ Hydrating Lip Primer. is the place to visit if you’re shopping online for Cosmetics in Pakistan. Be sure to browse the site daily, as new items are arriving daily!


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