You Can Thank Us Later – 3 Reasons To Start using MILANI COSMETICS

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Shop Milani at!
Shop Milani at! just dropped a ton of new Milani products, and I’m going to need them all.

Milani is a cosmetics line I have really come to love in recent years. Founded by siblings Laurie Minc and Ralph Bijou, the line is named for Milani, the city which inspired this amazing brand. Considered a high-end drugstore brand, Milani offers supreme quality for a fraction of the price of Prestige brands. Known for lush, rich pigmented color, Milani has become an Influencer and fan favorite.

Here are 3 reasons why you should be using Milani Cosmetics:

Amazing quality without the astronomical price tag

Since Milani doesn’t spend a lot of money on fancy packaging and out of sight marketing budgets, this lowers the cost for you. Milani spreads the word about its product via satisfied customers like you!

Rich and luxurious eye-popping pigments

Milani’s color palettes do not disappoint, which means their shades look good on all skin tones! Nothing worse than buying what appears to be a fantastic shade palette only to have the colors look chalky and muted. You won’t have that problem with Milani’s palettes.

Fashion-forward palettes and products

Every product conceptualized and created by Milani’s team is intended not only to keep with the latest fashion trends, but to also be ahead of the curve. With Milani, you know you’ll be on-trend as well as a trendsetter! has a fantastic selection of Milani products from lipsticks to eyeshadow palettes. Believe me, at these prices, you’re going to want to buy them all (and you really should)! Here are some of my favorite items available now on the site (hurry, quantities are limited):

Ready to become a Milani believer? Head on over to and stock up. Hurry, supplies are limited!



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