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Beauty oil is to skincare as highlighter is to makeup, which means it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Oil has been used in skincare and hair care since the time of the ancient Mesopotamians, Greeks and Egyptians. They would use castor and olive oil in creams, and other beautification products. Imagine from 10,000 BC all the way to present day oils have continued to play some kind of role in our beauty routine. The use of beauty oil has been more prevalent in the East, but has steadily gained traction in the West. Pakistan and India have been applying coconut and other various oils to their hair and body for centuries. Thanks to the Korean beauty boom we are now seeing cleansing oils saturate the cosmetic market also.

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If you are not too keen on the beauty oil boom, I am about to make you a believer. Checkout these amazing oils available on, Pakistan’s premier cosmetics site:

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Bio Oil (PKR 1,000) – Say buh-bye to stretch marks and scars with Bio Oil. It is made from a combination of lavender, chamomile, Vitamin A & E, Calendula, Rosemary and PurCellin Oil, which are effective in reducing the appearance of unwanted marks when combined together. You have you use Bio Oil for a minimum of three months and apply twice daily you will see results. Want more information, read my Bio Oil blog.

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Beaver Micro-Permeate Oxygen Silk Oil (PKR 2,076)If you have never heard of hair cuticles it’s time for a wakeup call, honey! Protecting your hair cuticles is super important, and it’s also the key to having a healthy, lustrous coif. You can have it all by using this serum, which contains avocado, olive and sweet almond oil. This combination of oils not only hydrates your strands, but it also places a protective barrier around each hair to help fight breakages.
City Color Primer Oil (PKR 1,350)I am loving the dewy makeup trend. The thing is when using oil as a primer it can end up looking more gym sweat then street chic. But now thanks to City Color, we can get glistening skin without looking like a greasy skillet. This oil primer minimizes pores, and creates a silky dewy finish. The oil is more than just a face primer, use it on split ends, nail cuticles and elbows, basically anywhere topical that needs a bit of refreshing. Please note that this product contains peanut oil so if you have an allergy to nuts, it is advised to strictly avoid this product.
First Botany Tea Tree Oil Australian (PKR 2,499)If you are prone to acne there is no better natural remedy than tea tree oil. Place a few drops of this essential oil onto a damp cotton pad and swipe across your face and neck. You’ll instantly see grime and dirt come off your face. Tree tea is full of antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, which combat blemishes and pimples. For a more in-depth guide to combat acne with tea tree, checkout my blog: 2 Natural Ways To Keep Acne Away.

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