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Do you feel like you are in a skincare rut? Like you have been washing your skin the same way for the last ten years and are not really phased by the results? Most people do not alter the way they wash their face due to various reasons. When you don’t change up your skincare routine then your face can start feeling dull and drab. This is usually because if you have been using a traditional cleanser it strips off everything from your face, leaving it feeling dry and tight. Traditional face wash is usually pumped full of alcohol, which removes all the bad AND good oils from the face. Also traditional cleansers cleanse the face with surfactants, which are particles that interact with oil, makeup and surface pollutants in a way that only water can remove the dirt.

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Yes, you may be surprised to hear that water can dry out the skin. Remember when you wash with water you are taking off all the good and bad oils, which in turn leaves your skin dehydrated. So what product can replace your traditional face wash, which works wonders and won’t break the bank – Evoluderm Rinse Off Cleansing Oil. Chances are you have not heard of brand Evoluderm, but let me be the first to tell you it is incredible. What I love about this French brand is that all their products are produced and made in France. Back to the cleaning oil, it’s only PKR 1,600 a pop and even if you use it twice daily it will last you 2-3 months.

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How Do You Use Cleansing Oil?

Step 1: Making sure you face and hands are dry dispense a couple pumps of oil into your hand. If you want you can warm the oil up in your palms before you start applying in a circular motion on your face. Using your fingers and gently massaging your face will create heat and encourage your pores to open up.

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Step 2: Drench a face towel in warm water and squeeze out the extra water. Lightly start to press the damp towel on your face. The added heat from the towel will aid even further in opening up your pores and, and begin to remove debris, dirt, oils and makeup from your skin.

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Step 3: Now that the cleansing oil has spread evenly around your face (you will be looking and feeling greasy – in a good way) use the same damp towel to wipe away the oil. You will be able to see how much dirt comes off your face.

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Step 4: If you really caked on the makeup for a night out you may need to use a couple of more pumps of oil to fully remove it. I will warn you this part gets messy. The black from your eyeliner and mascara will spread all over you face. Once you start rubbing off your lipstick you may look like Joker from The Dark Knight. But don’t worry it will all get washed away.

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Step 5: Rinse your face with water; an milky emulsion will form when the oil and water interact. Keep rinsing until all the oil and dirt is gone. You skin will be glowing and not feeling tight. If you don’t want the dewy look, try out the double-cleanse process. This is when after using a cleansing oil you would follow with a more traditional cleanser to remove excess oil.

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