You Need To Pack These Evoluderm Essentials For Your Next Holiday

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Do you love going on holiday, but also get slight anxiety because you have to start the tedious packing process? You are not alone! The packing dilemma is real, especially when it comes to toiletries. First off, carry on regulations limit travelers to no liquids over 100mL/3oz, and all of that has to fit in one tiny sealable plastic bag. I cannot live by those size limitations so I have to check-in bag. Life is all about compromising, but I cannot compromise when it comes to my beauty routine. This is not a blog to tell you buy travel size; I am all about the movement to pack less shoes and clothes to fit in your skincare goodies.

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Skincare is essential to looking and feeling good. If your skin is on point then everything else kind of just falls into place. And baby girl, if your skin is acting up and you have more blemishes then usual, fake it until you make it. Don’t size down on your cosmetics booboo. When traveling your skin can react to many things. It’s better to have products you know work for you and are familiar with. My new favorite skincare brand is Evoluderm, which is about to launch in Pakistan any day now. Just4Girls will carry most of the Evoluderm range. I cannot express my joy enough about this coming to Pakistan. I have been using Evoluderm since February of this year and my skin is bangin’. I want to share with you my favorite Evoluderm products, which are great to take traveling also.

Evoluderm Beauty Oil Carrot

When travelling it is necessary to have a beauty oil on hand because of their versatility and many uses. I love this oil because it is infused with carrots, which help soften skin while also firming it. I make sure to always throw this oil in my beach bag because this specific oil prepares the skin for tanning. It also reduces the appearance of discoloration if used regularly.

Evoluderm Face and Body Soft Cream –

If you don’t want to bring separate moisturizers for your face and body you gotta check out this product. Made with sweet almond oil, this cream is powerful enough to moisturize the body, while being gentle enough to also use on the face. It protects the skin against external aggressions and also restores natural balance. Tested and trusted by dermatologists for the whole family to use.

Evoluderm Micellar Cleansing Foam –

This micellar foam is safe to use on all types of skin, even sensitive. This no spill magical micellar water turns into foam once you press the pump. It eliminates pollutants and impurities from the face while purifying it. Easy rinse off formula and does not leave the skin feeling tight. Make sure before use to dampen your face with water, and then apply a generous amount to your face, and massage it around until it is clean. Make sure to rinse you face thoroughly.

Evoluderm Mattifying Care

I like to call this product a miracle in a tube. It helps reduce facial imperfections by going deep down into the pores to moisturize. It also refines the facial skin texture, and leaves a matte finish so you can say goodbye to greasy unnecessary shine. Bonus points, this gel like corrector tightens pores and corrects unevenness. Make sure to apply morning and evening.

I take these products with me everywhere I go in full size. I am passionate about my skincare routine and I have learned to spend a little more on checking in a bag then regretting not having my favorite products with me. Tell your travel essentials. Em

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